Lolo Jones Rocking Her Tiger Print Bikini At The Pool
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Lolo Jones geaux-ing tiger for her pool day...

He says you are too much.???
You talk, laugh, smile, feel too much.???
But baby,
here is the real problem.
He is too little
to appreciate
that it took an entire galaxy
being woven into one soul
to make you.
Nikita Gill

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Had she finally got a good dickin or she still chaste?
Reply5 days
Why pay for a top when you don't need it?
Reply6 days
No titties, no care.
Reply7 days
I'd wax that surfboard
Reply7 days
She tuckin
Reply7 days
Smells of desperation.
Reply7 days
Hey Larry, I have never seen a tiger with spots... Leopard maybe.
Reply7 days
Well, shite. If everyone is passing, I guess I'll jump on the grenade.
Reply7 days
I bet she ends up married to a gay man some day.
Reply7 days
Her eggs are dead.
Reply7 days
Hot ole girl!
Reply7 days
Lolo loves her some lolo
Reply7 days
Lolo I love that holo!
3 days
frick frick splooge
Reply7 days
She’s not all that interesting. Elizabeth Hurley is far more dazzling in a bikini then her and I believe 20-25 years older too.
Reply7 days
Don’t tell me that those Hurley photos aren’t touched up even as fine as she is she is getting up there brother
7 days
Hugh Grant had to pay that crack whore for a hummer so I suspect Hurley isn't that great in the sack.
7 days
Hurley in that school girl outfit....
7 days
Would love to make a baby with her.
Reply7 days
Growing very late in the game. She's damned close to 40 and while she can likely reproduce odds are it would be a difficult pregnancy. Lolo is another Danica Patrick, her looks made her career. Problem is now that steroid use among females of Eastern Europe and Russia are easily located in some woman using them so the better looking women, like Lolo are running track and field.In other words Lolo is an older woman (for track) to be competing with those beautiful young women from Europe. I know she's an LSU hero but if she's the best T@F athlete the Tigers can rally around, well, them were the good ol' days boys. Geaux Lolo.
7 days
She'll never be a Redskins cheerleader.
Reply7 days
Please stop posting this irrelevant twat
Reply7 days
Gives the worse BJ!
Reply7 days
Half the time I see her as beautiful fit young lady, other times I see herself trying to be a sex symbol. Prolly has a good personality, so need to be anything other than loving life.
Reply7 days
Have some carbs!
Reply7 days
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