Like Samuel Jackson said in Jurassic Park: "Hold on to your butts." Who does ESPN’s Jesse Palmer think could win the SEC West?

And his dark horse for the Heisman?

Do you hear that? That's Palmer's credibility deflating. Please discuss.
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As big of an IF that it is, IF we end up winning the West y'all always have the good ol' "Weakest SEC year in over a decade" defense to fall back on.
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I'm sorry guys but hejusttanked that prediction in a bad way. LSU wins double digit games without competent QBs when their defense is up to the Tiger's standards. Last year's defense was a building year but those boys will once again make a habit of dominating on defense again next year for the second coming of DBU. On offense, we have great QBs to chose from and the one with the most experience launced a 4th qtr aireal comeback after our starter went down. His stats were crappy when we were paying Iowa in our bowl because we didn't bother with passing the ball against them to put them away. Our running game did the work and it was like a pro defense for LSU while they routinely shut down Iowa's unworthy offense. The only two touchdowns they got on offense was when our special teams chocked and gave them the ball inside our 5yd line. Anyone who watched the game knew that LSU didn't need to do anything but run the ball to walk out of that stadium with an easy win.

I used this example to empress upon the guy who pointed out all of the lost QBs from last year. I have to say that it's going to take a lot more than that for them to win a division.

If anyone wants to pick the winner of the west next year the smart money is once again on Bama or LSU. Bama got a great QB foe his year of eligibility while LSU has a huge stud from last year's class who has been on campus since January.
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He backed up what he said by pointing out top West guys all losing QBs and Dak returning with experience. His main point was IF there was ever going to be a year for MS to do it this is the year and as an LSU fan I agree with his logic. Dak is the kind of kid to lift a team.
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Mission accomplished. He is in the headlines
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Palmer seems to be knowledgable , insightful, articulate and open minded. He is a little to pretty boy for me but communicates well. Pollack has improved some but still seems to give off the wall opinions without little thought and weak justification. Not sure about miss states real chance of winning but I suspect with the big question marks at LSU, Alabama, Texas AM at quarterback and with Prescott who can make big plays they have a window of hope that is much better than usual.
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Why would anyone discuss this? I'm not sure what's more disappointing, the SEC network hiring Palmer, or David Pollack never spearing him in the commentator booth.
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If you saw or listened to everything he said, he said he thought 11 different teams had a chance to win the SEC and that EVEN Miss State had a chance to win the SEC West and DP was a darkhouse for the Heisman... Not quite a "prediction"
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Why does Jesse Palmer buy his clothes too tight?
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Palmer is a douche.
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they could...

then again, they could not
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Don't try to make up for past shitty posts Larry!
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