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The models would expand the 68-team field to 72 or 76 teams, with additional at-large selections as well as at least one additional First Four site. Any expansion would begin, at earliest, in the 2025-26 season. If the men’s event expands, the women’s tournament is likely to undergo a similar expansion.

Any new expansion to the field is expected to result in at least one additional First Four site, perhaps in a Western time zone. But expanding the tournament — by even just four teams — is a complex issue.

Officials are planning to retain the current 64-team bracket. With play-in game winners needing a spot in that structure, space has to be made. More 10-12 seeds, originally in the 64-team bracket, could find themselves having to win play-in games on that Tuesday or Wednesday to advance to the first round on Thursday or Friday.
There’s something else, too: Will the additional games generate more revenue? It remains an unanswered question. CBS and Turner are not required to increase the amount in which they pay, according to those with knowledge of the contract.
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Lynxrufus201223 days
So you play extra games at remote locations with teams that aren’t good enough to make the current tournament? Do they think the fans will travel? Is CBS/TBS going to pay more? This is what the NIT is for.

For once quit being greedy NCAA. Why screw up the one good thing you do?

Are you trying to give the Power Two plus two a reason to have their own tournament?
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hookem3323 days
Why even play a season at this point?
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gamecockman1223 days
frick the NCAA. March Madness is by far the greatest event and they're trying to ruin it. Greedy pieces of shite.
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Shaq4prez23 days
64 teams is perfect. It allows the conference winners and at large bids to remain balanced. It keep Cinderella in play and allows the big dogs to get in consistently. The play in games aren't needed. adding more teams is dumb.
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Texas Weazel23 days
Money hungry fricks.
user avatar
Trying to feed on the carcass before college sports inevitably implodes.
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Bige1123 days
64 teams
This is an extension of our participation trophy culture. And my making it easier to get in it cheapens the accomplishment for the teams that would have otherwise earned that. It’s almost like that are actively trying to ruin college sports.
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Broadside Bob23 days
They're late to the party. College sports already ruined.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun23 days
No. It is a money grab. That is all.
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It was perfect with 64 teams. Stop trying to fix what isn't broken.
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Billy Mays24 days
Well no shite - it's the only product in their basketball portfolio that brings in any money bc their regular season is largely irrelevant. Milk the tourney for all it's worth.
user avatar
GusAU23 days
Milk the tourney by playing additional games for no extra money?

That makes no sense.
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