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Can anyone help me with my NVR?
I have this NVR-

Have 4 poe cameras hooked up to it, everything worked great for about a year, then we had a storm and now 2 of the cameras disappeared. I replaced the cameras, no luck, now I have a new camera plugged in right next to the unit and it won't find it, won't recognize it in any of the poe channels. It just refuses to find a new camera, or the other two that were on there.

Any tips to get it to find those cameras? Replace software? Or how to do a hard reset back to factory? Thanks.

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re: Can anyone help me with my NVR?
You can try a reset but the NVR itself may be screwed from the storm

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re: Can anyone help me with my NVR?
What Vrai said - I have seen ports short out before on some units. Probably need a new unit.

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re: Can anyone help me with my NVR?
Are any of the POE ports on the NVR
Working? If so try daisy chaining another POE switch from a known working port on the integrated POE switch, try the cameras in the new switch.

Some systems will allow you to connect the cameras on both the LAN segment or the internal switch, and powered from a POE switch or a wall wart. Should be able to get enough points to test to isolate what's not working.

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re: Can anyone help me with my NVR?
I have had this happen to me, a couple times. My entire system is on a ups too! It seems, even though the cameras are powered by the switch (which is protected by a very good UPS) they still are susceptible to voltage surges from lightning. They act like big antennas, and they will also cause the ethernet ports in your POE switch or NVR to fail. My solution? Rather than deal with insurance, we turn the POE switch off when a bad storm approaches.

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