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re: Google workers arrested after nine-hour protest in cloud chief’s office.

Posted on 4/17/24 at 10:31 pm to
Posted by OU Guy
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 10:31 pm to
Every mask in that pic was made by some 10 year old forced laborer in Chyna. Same for shoes, maybe 12 years old.
Posted by JCdawg
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 10:52 pm to
Chickens have come home to roost, just comical to see.
Posted by Boomdaddy65201
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 11:34 pm to

”Google, Google, you can’t hide!”

“You are funding genocide!”

Print the fricking shirts!!!

Posted by DandA
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 11:46 pm to
Posted by tgerb8
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Posted on 4/17/24 at 11:57 pm to

Or China, which actually is perpetrating a genocide

or the US. Google is most definitely already involved with political persecution and working closely with the 4th branch of govt. it's not like it's going to slow down or get better.
Posted by Morpheus
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Posted on 4/18/24 at 12:17 am to
“Hey Stanley let’s go make a stand”, and make sure we put our masks on to make sure they know we are serious this time.”
Posted by burke985
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Posted on 4/18/24 at 12:53 am to
Google helps create that situation and now they want to arrest these people? Seems unfair
Posted by Free888
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Posted on 4/18/24 at 7:29 am to

Fire them. Nothings but termination.

Google just fired 28 employees associated with this. Good for Google. More companies need to do this.
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Posted by TigerAxeOK
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Posted on 4/18/24 at 9:02 am to

WTF are they all masked up for?

Are they still pretending there's a pandemic and playing the Corrvid game?

People in this world have gone insane. We are too far gone as a species, and I am actively cheering for an errant comet to put us all out of our misery.
Posted by hawkeye007
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Posted on 4/18/24 at 9:32 am to
when the rest of big tech doesn't hire them after this MSM will run stories on how they have been black listed for standing up against isreal.
Posted by Feelthebarn
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Posted on 4/19/24 at 11:27 am to
They probably thought they'd get promoted
Posted by Cs
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Posted on 4/19/24 at 11:41 am to
Posted by Bjorn Cyborg
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Posted on 4/19/24 at 1:15 pm to
Why don’t they just quit? No one is making them work for an unpalatable employer
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