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Biden cover-up is in full swing

Biden cover-up is in full swing

President has failed to return transparency to government

On President Biden’s first day in office, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki vowed that the administration would “bring transparency and truth back to government.”

What a useless promise. The Biden administration has turned out to be one of the most opaque, secretive and nontransparent in decades, creating the overt appearance of impropriety.

After Republicans won control the House of Representatives and promised to investigate Mr. Biden’s son Hunter’s overseas business dealings, among others, the White House told incoming House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan to pound sand.

“This coordinated effort by the Biden administration to hide information about President Biden and his family’s shady business schemes is alarming and raises many questions,” Mr. Comer said in a statement after Treasury’s letter was released. “We will continue to press for access to suspicious activity reports generated for the Biden family and their associates and will use the power of the gavel to get them if needed.”

The power of the gavel will be needed.


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re: Biden cover-up is in full swing
Theater, nothing will come of any of it. Just like Epstein's list, evaporated in plain view.

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re: Biden cover-up is in full swing

How anyone is remotely surprised by this is actually more surprising

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re: Biden cover-up is in full swing
#TrumpWon, so why would anyone expect the Establishment to be remotely transparent?

Wholly corrupt. A mostly peaceful coup.

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re: Biden cover-up is in full swing
Im surprised there are no threads about this Hamilton 68 media con that's been used to prop up the manufactured Russia hysteria and protect democrats like Biden for the last several years.

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re: Biden cover-up is in full swing

Im surprised there are no threads about this Hamilton 68 media con

Has the Hamilton 68 con been discussed on this forum? Ifnot, someone needs to let us know. It is bigly!!
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re: Biden cover-up is in full swing
Mike Flynn was Public enemy #1 with the Obama administration for speaking out about corrupt the IC is.
He was the most dangerous person to NGO's, the IC, corrupt Politicians and the MSM.
Flynn ran the DIA and had a lot of Concerns about Kathy Chung, He knows something about her..
When Trump brought him in he HAD to be taken out.
So this was Joe Bidens idea to take Flynn out. He seemed pretty worried about him.


A partially blacked-out copy of Strzok’s notes is attached to the filing and includes a mention that appears to say: “VP: ‘Logan Act.'” “According to Strzok’s notes, it appears that Vice President Biden personally raised the idea of the Logan Act,” defense lawyers Jesse Binnall and Sidney Powell wrote.


Remember the Lead... Is Biden a Foreign Agent using Hunter?
This was two years ago.


LTG (R) Mike Flynn @GenFlynn . @MZHemingway Ask who is Kathy Chung (EOP) and why in 2015 is she giving a “treasure trove” of intelligence (phone no’s) to Hunter & Redacted. Any foreign power would love to have this information!!!

Flynn twitter

Sperry dropped this

Paul Sperry @paulsperry_ BREAKING: US Attorney Lausch urged AG Garland to appoint a special counsel THE DAY AFTER his investigators (on Jan. 4) interviewed Biden aide Kathy Sang-ok Chung re her role in packing/storing classified WH docs. Chung previously worked with Hunter who suggested VP Biden hire her

Sperry twitter

Then there's this..

Former Biden assistant questioned by law enforcement over classified docs repeatedly appeared in Hunter emails


Kathy Chung, Biden's executive assistant when he was vice president and the Pentagon's current deputy director of protocol, is among several former aides to the president to be interviewed by law enforcement, NBC News reported Thursday. Chung and the others questioned reportedly helped move materials and belongings from Biden's office at the end of the Obama administration in early 2017.

Throughout much of her five-year tenure working for Biden during the Obama administration, Chung regularly communicated with Biden's son Hunter Biden, transmitting information about his father's schedule and passing messages directly from the then-vice president, according to emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and verified by Fox News Digital.


Hunter is communicating with CCP connected Officials though Emails located on his laptop.
Kathy Chung is communicating with Hunter while she is working in the Obama Biden Administration.
Documents disappear that are classified, which is Illegal, they show up at Bidens Office at Penn and his Residences.

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re: Biden cover-up is in full swing
I just scanned CNN pretty far. The Biden Document scandal might as well not even exist.

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re: Biden cover-up is in full swing

Theater, nothing will come of any of it. Just like Epstein's list, evaporated in plain view.

Epstein's list didn't burn itself.

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