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Pels visit with Wembenyama in France

Posted on 1/13/23 at 5:12 pm
Posted by TigerinATL
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Posted on 1/13/23 at 5:12 pm
From Windhorst's podcast today:


I was in France this last week to spend some time with Victor Wembenyama. Jonathan Givonny and I spent several days talking to all kinds of people around Victor Wembenyama, Victor himself several times, we'll be having stories and stuff come out about that later. The Pelicans had personnel in France and they spent some time talking to Victor's people. In fact, Victor's people, I don't now how often the Pelicans have been there, but they sought it out.

Overall positive Pels talk starts around the 37 minute mark LINK

Obviously this doesn't mean much, but it is something fun to focus on while the season hits a bit of a lul.
Posted by GeauxTigersGo
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Posted on 1/13/23 at 5:21 pm to
lul ???

We are about to clap the 2004 NBA Champions tonight..
Posted by That's BS
Smoothie King Center
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 2:16 am to
Maybe he can Steve Francis his way to NOLA.
Posted by cgrand
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 10:50 am to
if the lakers pick is in the lottery the pels will pull #1. It is written in the scrolls
Posted by LuzianaFootball
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 10:52 am to
This feels unreal lol. Let's GEAUX
Posted by Soggymoss
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 11:09 am to
Especially with the new TV deal and CBA coming up I could see the league rigging the lottery and putting two of the better teams at #1 and #2, just to give the middle finger to the tanking teams and further dissuade tanking.

Imagine Wemby in Toronto and Scoot in NOLA (I’d prefer Scoot over Wemby for this team, may get called stupid for it but my preference)
Posted by England_Pelican
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 12:16 pm to
I wonder if we landed the 3rd or 4th pick… if there’s a package that we could put together with our picks and pieces to get number 1 or 2…

Or if that’s simply out of the question and no one is giving up those spots
Posted by Macintosh504
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 12:21 pm to
99% chance it’ll be out of the question. The talent gap between those top 2 guys and everyone else is too big
Posted by armsdealer
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 12:50 pm to

Or if that’s simply out of the question and no one is giving up those spots

The talk would start with Zion and some firsts. The way the NBA values potential in the draft is very strange to me. No team is going to pay what it takes to make someone give up a prospect like Wemby.
Posted by Don Pel
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 1:15 pm to
Trajan is big on scouting overseas prospects. The fact that Wemby is the largest overseas prospect, it seems to make sense that the Pelicans would make contact.

Due diligence coupled with the palpable fear coming out of Los Angeles. I’m still optimistic that their season can reach even greater lows before it’s all said and done.

Trading to secure his rights will not be how Wemby makes it to New Orleans.
Posted by PUB
New Orleans
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Posted on 1/14/23 at 1:53 pm to
Zion + BI = 1 full time player +\-
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