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Any Turo experience?
Curious why this isn't a bigger hustle? Rental car inventory is extremely low and domestic rental car demand is extremely high, seems like a potential hustle of the summer?

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re: Any Turo experience?
I used it once out of town to drive around Tahoe. It was a very smooth transaction. Easier than renting a car.

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re: Any Turo experience?
The problem is that there are so little people renting out their car on Turo, which creates a crappy product in most areas, and bad UX.

They need to really pump some advertising

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re: Any Turo experience?
I did this once in Nashille several years ago. It was a very easy process online and picking up and returning the car.

If I recall correctly, the person I rented from had several cars to choose from and had many positive reviews. I felt more comfortable renting from someone who had significant experience.

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re: Any Turo experience?
Is the hustle buying a car to rent on turo?

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re: Any Turo experience?
I used them once in Denver. The whole process was great. Cheaper than traditional rental car company and a lot less hassle also.

The guy in Denver had a pretty good side hustle going. He was buying cars that were cheap but still had good value and easily paying the monthly note by renting them on Turo.
He was slowly building more and more equity and selling the cars before they lost alot of value.
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re: Any Turo experience?
Did it in Florida once and it was a little sketchy at first, but everything worked out. Had to take a cab to an office park and had directions to get into the building, then go to a specific office, punch in a code on a door lock to get in, and then punch in a code on a vault to get the keys out of the vault that also had instructions on where the car was parked.

Everything ended up fine, but it wasn’t in a great part of town and it felt like a setup for something bad. It was also later at night which led to the weird factor.
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re: Any Turo experience?
It works well in major Metro Areas like Denver and Los Angeles where the volumes are high with a lot of luxury models . I have used it 4 or 5 times in LA and it’s so much better than traditional car rentals.

Just a month ago I rented a 2020 Lincoln Aviator for a week for about the same price you would get a mid-size toyota Camry at a National car rental company would cost.

The time before that I got a BMW X7 for around the same price.

It’s essentially the Airbnb of car renting— you are renting direct from
An individual and choosing that specific vehicle.

It’s works awesome in large metro areas where the supply is high enough where you have plenty of highly rated renters. Competition in these areas are high for their cars to be rented so they work hard to have clean premium vehicles at competitive rates.

It doesn’t work at all in most smaller mid size towns where the app hasn’t taken off yet and supply is extremely low. New Orleans for instance has a horrible supply.

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re: Any Turo experience?
Going to Glacier National Park this summer and all the public car rental companies were completely booked. Heard about Turo while looking at possible options and found a full size Jeep!

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re: Any Turo experience?

New Orleans for instance has a horrible supply.

New Orleans is hilarious with people trying to rent out their clapped out econobox for 150/day or a base 911 (valued at like 65-70k) for 1k/day

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re: Any Turo experience?
Same here. Pretty happy with the experience

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