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re: Kayshon Boutte Is Coming Back To LSU Next Season

Posted on 12/5/22 at 8:28 pm to
Posted by 85Tiger
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 8:28 pm to
I’m thinking he saw all he needed to see from Nuss in the second half against Georgia to know that his stock would increase next year.
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Posted by TigerFanatic99
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 8:30 pm to
Also, unless we have some decommits, our receiver room is going to be ridiculous next year. I almost think one of thebtwo 5-stars have to decommit with Bouttee coming back.
Posted by Scoob
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 8:46 pm to

How can you say that this is "Huge"???? He accomplished absolutely nothing this year !!!!!!

We all know he can be amazingly good, like best player on the field good. We won the West without that in play.

I think he was still working back into shape, as he looked better against UGA than he had all year. That TD from Daniels in the first half, it wasn't a TD from most guys. It was merely about a 20 yd pass, and he had a little space around him.
Posted by TexHoss
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 8:51 pm to
This is gospel.
Posted by theBru
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:05 pm to
Awesome news! With 7 & 8 running routes, only good things can happen!
Posted by cajunmud
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:06 pm to
I'm one of the ones who's been giving KB shat all year for his loafing, his drops and his seeming non-interest in playing football. I saw shades of the old KB Saturday and how exciting was that, huh?

It shows great character to swallow your pride and to come back and GET back to the WR we all know he really is.

Posted by MasonTiger
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:07 pm to
Great news!
Posted by Xenophon
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:15 pm to


That’s legit one of the most badass things I’ve ever read in one of these announcements.
Posted by LoneStarTiger
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:15 pm to
Posted by Clockwatcher68
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:16 pm to

I don’t see anywhere in there that he’s coming back

Posted by Havoc
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:16 pm to
Great news!!!!!
Posted by Petroleum Adam
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:24 pm to
More often than most, I side with the young men leaving for the NFL after their third year. However, I think Kayshon is making the right decision here. I think this season dropped KB into the mid second round at best, and he’s a WAY better talent than that. Coming back gives him the chance to improve his stock and earn that big money from the jump. Also, for as much as everybody hates on it, I think the NIL is working in our favor here. Previously, a kid with a new born daughter might need to head to the pros and get that money to provide his little girl. NIL means she’ll want for nothing while Kayshon finishes out his career at LSU.
Posted by HerkFlyer
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:34 pm to
Mel Kiper alter here
Posted by Marrero
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:36 pm to
He already has a hellcat, a trackhawk and a big arse house shite why rush it
Posted by Penrod
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 9:37 pm to

He is a first round pick on mocks, what are you talking about…

In the recent past, Bama has gotten first round draft choices to return - DeVonta Smith and Trent Richardson, for example. Now LSU has done it!
Posted by VooDude
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 10:32 pm to
Shake, shake that Boutte.
Posted by deuce985
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 10:49 pm to
Well, this is a shocker. Maybe Roy and Garner will stay too.
Posted by TigerDeBaiter
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 10:55 pm to
Absolutely shocked. Good for him though!
Posted by TheTigershark
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Posted on 12/5/22 at 11:43 pm to
Wow. Wants to be a tiger legend!
Posted by cheeto225
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Posted on 12/6/22 at 1:46 am to
He could have just covered up and no kid
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