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re: Reading Challenge 2019

GIve up watching TV and video games.

Definitely helps. I didn't completely give up TV (I gotta have me some NCIS and Last Man Standing), but I turn it off more often.

I also try to hop on the excerise bike and get some cardio in several times a week. I can knock out quite a few pages while I'm on that thing.

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re: Reading Challenge 2019

My goal is 2 books a month. Would like to read more, but with work and kids, 2 a month is a goal I can reach.


Almost done with Rise of Endymion (Hyperion), Then I’ll be starting either Wheel of Time or Stormlight Archive. Haven’t decided yet.

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re: Reading Challenge 2019
i am shooting for 30

A combo of audio and actual reading.

Tragedy Plus Time by Adam Cayton-Holland 5 hours. 4 stars

Cherry by Nico Walker 8 hours. I'm torn on this, I could go anywhere from 2 stars to 3 and a half.

The Crossings by Michael Connelly 4 stars.

Devil All the Time Donald Ray Pollock. 1.5 stars

The Outsider Stephen King. 3 stars

The Drop Dennis Lehane 3 stars

Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle. 4 stars. I'm not sure he stuck the landing but I enjoyed most of it.

The Man from the Train: The Solving of a Century-Old Serial Killer Mystery by Bill James 4.5 stars. Really well done.

Full Disclosure by Stormy Daniels. 4 stars, I liked it and the Trump stuff was the least interesting imo.

The Force by Don Winslow 4 stars. It's the second thing by Winslow that I've read (Savages was the first and I didn't like it at all) and wasn't sure that I thought about 1/4th of the way into it but I'm glad I stuck with it.

Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly 3 stars.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell 4 stars. A solid change of pace book.

Past Tense by Lee Child 4 stars. An enjoyable Jack Reacher book after what has felt like a few misses.

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn 2 and a half stars. It wasn't great but I wanted to like it.

Lose Well by Chris Gethard 3.5 stars a solid fun listen. Sort of a self help book but I liked hearing about his struggle to embracing his weirdness.

Universal Harvester by John Darnielle 2.5 stars.

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou 4 stars

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 4 stars

The Hunter by Richard Stark 1.5 stars

Radiant Angel by Nelson Demille 4 stars

The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow 5 stars. Holy shite a great read.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette 4 stars a fun read.

The Man Who Came Uptown by George Pelaconos 3 stars

The Cartel by Don Winslow 4.5. Not as good as The Power of The Dog but still very good.

Currently reading The Sopranos Sessions.
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
In again. Already bought my first 15 books.


1. City of Thieves - David Benioff
2. Fluent Forever - Gabriel Weiner
3. Eye of the Needle - Ken Follett
4. When a Crocodile Eats the Sun - Peter Godwin

In progress - Name of the Wind
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
Goal 36 Books/Completed 20

1. The Forever Queen- Helen Hollick, 4.0*
2. Trial by Treason- Dave Duncan, 3.5*
3. The Spy and The Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War - Ben MacIntyre, 3.5*
4. Fire & Blood - GRRM, 3.0*
5. Spinning Silver - Naomi Novak, 4.0*
6. Viking Wars: War and Peace In King Alfred's Britain 789-955 - Max Adams, 3.0*
7. A Morbid Taste for Bones, Ellis Peter's, 4.0*
8. The Deep State, Jason Chaffetz, 4.5*
9. A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole, 3.0*
10. The Spy of Venice, Benet Brandreth, 5.0*
11. Shadows and Strongholds, Elizabeth Chadwick, 4.5*
12. The Poppy War, R. F. Kuang, 4.0*
13. One Corpse Too Many, Ellis Peters, 4.0*
14. The Rule of Law, John Lescroart, 3.0*
15. The Malta Exchange, Steve Berry, 2.0*
16. The Winter Soldier, Daniel Mason, 4.0*
17. Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring, Alexander Rose, 4.0*
18. The Wolf and the Watchman, Niklas Natt och Dag, 5.0* BEST BOOK IN 2019
19. Who Slays the Wicked, C.S. Harris, 4.0*
20. The Thirst, Jo Nesbo, 5.0*
21. Tombland, C. J. Sansom, 5.0*

Now reading:

Next up:

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re: Reading Challenge 2019
Got through about 35 last year, but some were rereads

1. An Ember in the ashes (Tahir) - 464 - 4.5 - Really liked it and though the author who is a younger woman has a great grasp of diction reading the second one now.
2. A torch against the night (Tahir) - 452 - 4.5
3. Career of evil - Galbraith (Rowlings) - 512 - 4.25
4. Tai-Pan - Clavell - 4.5 (Only thing I didn't like about it was all the intentional broken english; at times it was hard to understand what was actually being said)

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re: Reading Challenge 2019
As last year, I have no goal. Will keep track here. Books read for my monthly book club will be designated BC.

1- BC The Woman in Cabin 10. Ruth Ware 340pgs
2- The Pivotal Season. Charlie Rosen 279pgs
3- Zigzag. Bill Pronzini 271pgs
4- You Can Call Me Al. Joseph Moran 306pgs
5- Secretariat. William Nack 455pgs
6- Ted Williams' Hit List. Williams and Prime 197pgs
7- The German Aces Speak. Heaton and Lewis 327pgs
8- Every Pitcher Tells a Story. Seth Swirsky 187pgs
9- BC Delta Blues. Ted Gioia 400pgs
10- When All the Laughter Died in Sorrow. Rentzel 265pgs
11- Hard Rain. Barry Eisler 362pgs
12- The Enemy. Lee Child 393pgs
13- BC The Godwulf Manuscript. Robert B. Parker 204pgs
14- Daddy, Stop Talking. Adam Carolla 237pgs
15- Double Deuce. Robert B. Parker 224pgs.
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
24 books for 2019

1. Let the Great World Spin - Colum McCann - 349pg - 3.5*

2. Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse - 122pg - 4*

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky - 213pg - (IP)
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
24 books, 104 audiobooks

In Progress
Wide Open World, John Marshall, 12:04
10x Rule, Grant Cardone, 7:24

Click Millionaires, Scott Fox, 6:57,3.5*
Think Your Way To Wealth, Napoleon Hill, 10:50, 4.5* (transcripts of the interviews with Andrew Carnegie that were the foundation of the more famous Think and Grow Rich)

On Deck
Psycho-cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz, 12:16
Miracle in the Andes, Nando Parrado, 10:05
Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut, 6:01
The Reckoning, John Grisham, 17:36
The Whistler, John Grisham, 13:10
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
1. Cobola Burn, The Expanse #4. James SA Corey. 581p. Rating 3- not terrible but my least favorite Expanse book so far

Up next:

Deadhouse Gates (Malazan #2)
Nemesis Games (Expanse #5)

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re: Reading Challenge 2019
My goal last year was 75, I read 97 (and it was a binge watch of Travelers that kept me from books 98 and 99).

My goal for 2019 is 50.

1. Sleepers (John Milton series, book 13), Mark Dawson, 406, 4.5*
2. The Wrong Side of Goodbye, Michael Connelly, 401, 4.5*
3. Verses for the Dead, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, 353, 4.0*
4. Dark Sacred Night, Michael Connelly, 433, 4.0*
5. Through Fiery Trials (Safehold Series, book 10), David Weber, 750, 4.0*
6. NOS4A2, Joe Hill, 686, 4.25*
7. Twelve Days (John Milton series #14), Mark Dawson, 320, 4.0*
8. Hollow (Road to Babylon #7), Sam Sisavath, 322, 4.0*
9. Dark Space (Book 4):Revenge, Jasper T. Scott, 523, 3.75*
10. Dark Space (Book 5):Avilon, Jasper T. Scott, 622, 4.25*
11. Dark Space (Book 6):Armageddon, Jasper T. Scott, 546, 4.0*
12. Dark Space Universe (Book 1), Jasper T. Scott, 335, 4.0*
13. Dark Space Universe: The Enemy Within (Book 2), Jasper T. Scott, 516, 4.0*
14. Dark Space Universe: The Last Stand (Book 3), Jasper T. Scott, 333, 4.0*
15. Arisen (#13): Odyssey, Michael Stephen Fuchs, 384, 4.25*
16. The Killer Collective, Barry Eisler, 401, 4.5*
17. Ferrum Corde (Terran Armor Corps Book 6), Richard Fox, 411, 3.75*
18. Cemetery Road, Greg Iles, 587, 4.75*
19. Street Freaks, Terry Brooks, 375, 3.25*
20. Out of the Dark, Gregg Hurwitz, 385, 4.5*
21. Run Away, Harlan Coben, 384, 4.25*
22. Orphan X, Gregg Hurwitz, 368, 4.25*
23. Foundryside, Robert Jackson Bennett, 512, 4.5*
24. Tiamat's Wrath, James S. A. Corey, 531, 4.75*
25. The Nowhere Man, Gregg Hurwitz, 356, 4.5*
26. You're Next, Gregg Hurwitz, 406, 4.25*
27. Unbound (Dawn of Deception Book 1), A R Shaw, 206, 4.0*
28. Undone (Dawn of Deception Book 2), A R Shaw, 250, 4.0*
29. Redemption (Memory Man Series book 5), David Baldacci, 433, 4.5*
30. The Way of Shadows (Night Angel book 1), Brent Weeks, 659, 4.5*
31. Hellbent, Gregg Hurwitz, 416, 4.5*
32. Shadow's Edge (Night Angel book 2), Brent Weeks, 645, 4.5*
33. Beyond the Shadows (Night Angel book 3), Brent Weeks, 699, 4.5*
34. Mist City (After the Purge series), Sam Sisavath, 177, 3.75*
35. Gott Mit Uns (Terran Strike Marines, Book 5), Richard Fox, 408, 3.5*

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re: Reading Challenge 2019
Just getting back into this whole "reading for pleasure" game.

My goal for 2019 is 26 books.

I can probably do a whole lot more, but I think a book every two weeks is good for dipping back in.

1. 1984, George Orwell, 328, (in progress).

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re: Reading Challenge 2019

The Johnny Lawrence

I see you have a lot of Roosevelt literature. If you haven't read The River of Doubt, I highly recommend it.

That book made me realize just how messed up the Roosevelt family was. For everything that Theodore was, it put an immense amount of pressure on the rest of the family, and really screwed up Kermit it seems. He tried to live up to his father's reputation, and ended up destroying himself because of it.

The Johnny Lawrence
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
I was gifted the Edmund Morris Trilogy for Christmas. These will be the first books I can recall reading on Roosevelt. Most of my political reading is one off books of presidential candidates on their proposed policies or behind the scenes books of the White House inner workings.

The two exceptions are W and Reagan. I've read a fair bit of biographies about both of those two guys, as they are my two favorite presidents to date.

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re: Reading Challenge 2019
30 Books; 10 Audiobooks

1) Petty: The Biography, Warren Zanes, 323
2) Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire, 419
3) Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance, 269
4) Muscle Cars, Stephen Eoannou, 244
5) Moonwalking with Einstein, Joshua Foer, 320
6) Practical Digital Preservation, Adrian Brown, 336
7) Smart but Scattered, Peg Dawson and Richard Guare, 313
8) The O. Henry Prize Stories 2018, Laura Furman ed., 390
9) Tbe Drawing of the Three, Stephen King, 463
10) The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, 352
11) Wizard and Glass, Stephen King, 670
12) The Dirt, Mötley Crüe, 430

Literary Journals:
1) Georgetown Review, Spring 2012, v. 13, no. 1, 146

Audiobooks finished:
1) Atomic Habits, James Clear, 5h 35m
2) The Productivity Project, Chris Bailey, 8h 13m
3) Zen in the Art of Writing, Ray Bradbury, 3h 54m
4) 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene, 23h 7m
5) The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle, 6h 6m
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
New dad and my time no longer seems to belong to exclusively me, so this could be a challenge. But I’ve found myself not turning on the TV nearly as much already this year, so that should help.

GOAL: 45 books
1) The Innocent, Harlan Coben, 370, 4*
2) Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup, John Carreyrou, 299, 3.5*
3) The Outsider, Stephen King, 561, 3*
4) In Cold Blood, Truman Capote, 343 (in progress)
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
2019 Goal: 150 Books

Read 200 last year, but think I'll have a little less time this year. BTW, I count comics (collected editions), audiobooks, and poetry collections towards my reading goals.

Books Read:
1) A Natural History of Dragons, Marie Brennan, 10 hours 17 minutes, 4 stars
2) The Ancient Magus' Bride vol. 1, Kore Yamazaki, 180 pages, 3.5 stars
3) Wonder Woman vol.1: The Lies, Greg Rucka et al., 128 pages, 3.5 stars
4) Bellocq's Ophelia, Natasha Trethewey, 64 pages, 3.5 stars
5)The Masque of the Black Tulip, Lauren Willig, 450 pages, 4 stars
6)The Deception of the Emerald Ring, Lauren Willig, 426 pages, 3.5 stars
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
How do you guys determine your star ratings?

Do you use a specific benchmark for each star or just wing it?

The reason I ask is that some books are good, some are great. Some I would recommend to others and some I would buy copies of to give out to people. Some I know are going to be great for me and where I am at in life but others may have a different perspective that rates a book lower.

I suppose this would mostly apply to nonfiction, and is probably overthinking it a little, but I was just wondering if there any TDBB established rules for ratings or if anyone took any of the above into account when rating a book.

eta: also, is this the thread to discuss and ask questions about books others are reading or should that be done in the "what are you reading thread"? This is my first year on the book board so I didn't want to breach any etiquette.
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
Goal: 30

1. After Virtue, Alasdair MacIntyre, 278, 4*
2. The Final Empire, Brandon Sanderson, 672, 4*
3. The Well of Ascension, Brandon Sanderson, 763, 3*
4. All That Is in God, James Dolezal, 4h 22m, 4*
5. The Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson, 724, 3.5*
6. Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle, 171, 4*
7. The Nature of True Virtue, Jonathan Edwards, 5*
8. The Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson, 383, 4*
9. Shadows of Self, Brandon Sanderson, 436, 4*
10. Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction, Edward Feser, 263, 4.5*
11. The Bands of Mourning, Brandon Sanderson, 503, 4*
12. Warbreaker, Brandon Sanderson, 652, 3*
13. Is God a Moral Monster, Paul Copan, 222, 4*
14. Elantris, Brandon Sanderson, 615, 4*
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re: Reading Challenge 2019
Gonna go with 72 books in 2019 (6 per month). Thus far I've read the following:

The Lore of Prometheus, Graham Austin-King, 294, 4
Steelheart (Reckoners Book 1), Brandon Sanderson, 418, 4
Mitosis / Firefight (Reckoners Book 1.5 & 2), Brandon Sanderson, 470, 4
Calamity (Reckoners Book 3), Brandon Sanderson, 418, 3.75
Someone Like Me M. R. Carey, 512, 3.75
Kings of Ash (Ash and Sand Book 2), Richard Nell, 665, Currently reading

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