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Hey Pickleballers, be careful out there. This dude almost died while turning his head too fast while playing the world's fastest growing sport...

A “super-fit” dad is lucky to be alive after tearing a neck artery and suffering three strokes all because he turned his head “too quickly.”

“I was in complete shock and disbelief,” Joel Hentrich, 35, told SWNS of the freak accident. “You don’t think that these things will actually happen to you.”

The fiasco occurred Nov. 23, 2022 while the native of Festus, Missouri, and his pals were playing pickleball, a racket sport that’s similar to tennis but with smaller paddles. ...

Things turned disastrous, however, when Hentrich turned his head “quickly to the left to try and track a ball. I felt a pop in the back of my neck,” the alarmed pickleballer described. “I wasn’t sure if anyone else could hear it — but internally I could.” ...

He added, “The ground went out from underneath me, and I ended up with extreme nausea and I was projectile vomiting. There was tingling on the left side of my face, hand and part of my leg.” ...

Fearing the worst, the sportsman was transported to the hospital. ... That’s when medics informed him of the horrific news: Hentrich had dissected his artery, which triggered three strokes in his lower cerebellum, the portion of the brain responsible for coordination and movement.
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Sevensblue14 months
I heard someone did this same thing too while popping his neck. Be careful doing that sh!t
user avatar
gamecockman1214 months
Scary stuff right there.
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Datbayoubengal14 months
Dude has a weak neck. Wonder if it's hereditary
user avatar
SLAP9914 months
Happens (rarely) with chiropractic adjustments of the neck too. Basically self-adjusted mid-game.
user avatar
OblongMidget14 months
This is why you shouldn't go to a chiropractor
user avatar
Mr Happy14 months
Play stupid games...
user avatar
Basura Blanco14 months
Thank God he has never been to a professional ping-pong match
user avatar
Deplorable Duke14 months
Stupid fad, not a real sport
user avatar
Strannix14 months
Vaxxed and boosted
user avatar
ShakeandBake14 months
Please tell me there’s also a city named Dillon in Missouri.
user avatar
Cheese Grits14 months
All well and good, but no Miss Kitty and I lose interest fast
user avatar
Jay Quest14 months
Sounds like a game Rick Sanchez would play.
user avatar
summersausage14 months
Ok but, was he vaccinated?
user avatar
Clark1414 months
Is this something like racketball?
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