Umm...Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins Believes He is An Alien
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During an interview with Bleacher Report, Kansas City Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins revealed A LOT of crazy stuff, including he's an alien...
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All of the things we think are bad…aren't bad. God could be Satan, Watkins explains. Jesus could be Lucifer. Watkins started to feel a dragon-like, snake-like presence around him, and then, when he went for a drive, he saw something that petrifies him to this day. He doesn't dare vocalize details, doesn't dare risk welcoming this sight back into his life. But it horrified him. It was demonic. It made one thing clear to Watkins: "There's s--t that can happen in this world that can take your life, my life, if it wants to," he says.

Not only did Watkins believe. Watkins told him he once witnessed someone teleport. Before Davis knew it, they were talking about spaceships. (Watkins says he's seen one.) And aliens. (Watkins believes he himself is one.)
"I'm praying and hope they do right by me if I go back," he says. "If they don't, it's going to be World War III. Seriously. Because I feel like I've been doing everything in my power to stay positive, to continue to uplift everybody on the team. To put myself last, to literally always put myself last."
Here's the whole interview.
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user avatar
MrKnowItAll50 months
I bet Sammy Watkins is not even his real name.
user avatar
Lynxrufus201250 months
Even Sasquatch says that is some crazy shiite.
user avatar
phunkatron50 months
This wreaks of a moron on drugs
user avatar
dagrippa50 months
Follow Larry Johnson on twitter for cte influenced “intellectual” thoughts
user avatar
bayouboy31850 months
I really don't find this funny. It could be an early sign of CTE. Watkins has taken some big hits in his career so far.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun50 months
Or he could take hallucinogenics. Not every player has cte
user avatar
spudz50 months
Pass that MFin blunt Sammy
user avatar
BabyTac50 months
I always like when these guys play games with the idiot media members.
user avatar
jcaz50 months
NFL just had to legalize weed in the off-season.
user avatar
kingbob50 months
Sounds like Thine Prepared Ani Watkins Woke AF!
user avatar
Hangit50 months
Baw smoked a big bowl of that good, ate a mushroom, had a nap, and believed everything he dreamed aboot was real.
user avatar
LesnarF550 months
Maybe he bleeds acid?
user avatar
Hogwarts50 months
Drugs r u g s
user avatar
gamecockman1250 months
Sounds like he's from Clemson...
user avatar
ThinePreparedAni50 months
You’re welcome Larry...
user avatar
NorthEndZone50 months
Sounds like he caught the Antoniobrownavirus. Crazy-19
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