Tom Brady's 'Final' $500K Touchdown Ball Has Dropped Significantly To This Price
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Tom Brady's unretirement just cost a collector a small fortune. One auction expert told TMZ Sports the Bucs QB's "final" TD ball is now worth a mere $50K, after it sold for over $500K just three days ago...

Our auction source tells us with Brady coming back to the NFL ... the ball that was just auctioned off on Saturday is now worth roughly a 10th of what it just fetched at auction.

In fact, our source tells us they wouldn't be surprised if the ball was actually worth closer to $25K than $50K at this point.

There is good news for the buyer, however ... our source says it's probably unlikely they'll have to fork over the half mil for the ball.

Our source tells us the ball was advertised as Brady's last TD ever -- and now, since it won't be, the buyer could have a legitimate claim to renege on the deal. Our source also says it's likely the buyer is a whale in the auction world, and the auction house that sold the piece would almost certainly fight to keep him or her happy.
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user avatar
DeCat ODahouse28 months
So the headline is "Brady Deflates Football"?
user avatar
Timeoday28 months
I am sure there is someone out there willing to pay for the "1st Career Tom Brady Last Touchdown Pass Football". I mean, there will not ever be another Tom Brady career like his 1st one.
user avatar
Koolazzkat28 months
I hate it when that happens.
user avatar
GeorgeBailey28 months
Do they have a source on this? Because they didn't mention whether a source told them about this. If they didn't have a source then they need a source because sources are important.
user avatar
Gaston28 months
If Tom shows up missing before the season…we have the first suspect.
user avatar
SaintLSUnAtl28 months
If he’s missing wouldn’t that mean he didn’t show up?
user avatar
LSU_Legz28 months
That or if he wakes up dead
user avatar
ThatTahoeOverThere28 months
The AMC stock of sports memorabilia
user avatar
LSU fan 24628 months
If he does play this season, that ball is worth less than 5k.
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