Did we see Tom Brady play his last game last night against the Cowboys? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. But if so, he went out with this unsportsmanlike tackle attempt on his part during the third quarter that wasn't called...
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Smoke Test13 months
He slid down in front of me! It’s dirty! I’m telling my mommy.

Good grief. Where did all these wussies come from?

Let’s break out two hand touch.
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Timeoday13 months
Tom is programmed whenever he runs to slide when surrounded by the other team's players.
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Wabbit713 months
Can’t even tell WTF is happening
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NebraskaExPat13 months
Well ... you got me to click on this with your headline. I guess I'd like your definition of a 'dirty' tackle. This looks like normal football to me.
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AgCoug13 months
Sliding in and tripping with the legs is a normal tackle to you? I don't know how dirty it is, but it is certainly a penalty.
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ncinthenext313 months
Have a nive trip, Tom.
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KAGTASTIC13 months
Really Larry...this is what you think is a dirty tackle attempt???Geez ya soft. He's a QB....I'll give him a simple sliding tripping attempt.
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