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Social media influencer Sophie Hall, who has two million followers on Instagram, is claiming Tyreek Hill broke her leg in a fit of rage in his backyard during a football drill last summer and now she wants him some moneys...

NFL superstar Tyreek Hill broke a woman's leg when he charged at her with 'crushing force' during a backyard football lesson, according to a lawsuit obtained exclusively by

Influencer Sophie Hall says Hill, 29, felt 'humiliated' when she managed to 'hold her own' and even knock him backwards during a series of practice drills at his Florida mansion.

The five-time All-Pro retaliated by rushing at Hall and knocking her to the ground with such ferocity that she needed reconstructive surgery and months of physio, it's alleged. ...

'Tyreek Hill, a National Football League superstar, perennial Pro Bowler, First Team All-Pro and world class athlete nicknamed the "Cheetah" for his incredible combination of strength and speed, makes his living humiliating and outperforming his competition on the football field,' her complaint states.

'Unfortunately, after getting ''humiliated'' in front of friends and family when he was knocked backwards during a friendly football lesson by his friend Sophie Hall, Tyreek became enraged and forcefully and purposefully shoved Ms. Hall, severely fracturing her leg.'
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Lynxrufus20121 month
Play stupid games....
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DeafVallyBatnR1 month
Sounds like assault. But it's not.
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ncinthenext31 month
She's an authority on 'crushing force'.
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ExpoTiger1 month
“She wants him some moneys”? Wtf
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Tridentds1 month
Broke leg or not... she will still make her way to the trough to eat.
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TigerCoon1 month
when big gal climbed on top of him for secks, that was the crushing force
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LSU_Legz1 month
Now she wants him some moneys???
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cajunmud1 month
Football lesson is what they're calling it? I think she was trying out for Hill's new porn empire.
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saints50211 month
maybe a hand model?
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Feelthebarn1 month
She knows her huge arse is turning to mashed potatoes and gotta get paid
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SeminoleMarine1 month
"This Model Claims Is Suing"

WTF. Is Claims her name? Proofreading is a dead art.
user avatar
Hangit1 month
Wait. Is this yuge ditchpig a model, or does she post selfies on the web?
user avatar
BlackPawnMartyr1 month
Thought she bested him? Sounds like she lost.
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