Nike Made Odell Beckham Jr. Custom Gloves To Celebrate Catch
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports
Nike created these customized gloves for Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. to commemorate his amazing catch last week. "Be-ckham Legendary."...
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That's just awesome.
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John McClane111 months
That is awesome.
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PsychTiger111 months
I like the blue marks on only the fingers he used for the catch.
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whoisnickdoobs111 months
BEckham LEGENDARY. Pretty sweet.
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That LSU Guy111 months
The new "jump-man" for football.
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stout111 months
Nike signed him before the catch for fairly cheap IIRC. They got a steal if true.
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High C111 months
Available to general public?
user avatar
ForeverLSU02111 months
He should get a nice endorsement deal out of this. Good for him. Class act
user avatar
JumpingTheShark111 months
And I'm just sitting here masturbating
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