Nick Saban Gave Packers This Advice On Handling RB Eddie Lacy
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The Green Bay Packers were looking for some advice on how to handle RB Eddie Lacy's inconsistencies this season, along with him missing a curfew the night before their Dec. 3rd game against the Lions. So, they asked his college coach Nick Saban...
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Lacy was benched shortly after.
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Nix to Twillie102 months
Fournette is already the favorite heading into next year-maybe he won't win it, but to say he won't even be looked at is just dumb. Only reason you posted was because you're mad people are hating on your boy. Moth to a flame.
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JCinBAMA102 months
LOL at all the butthurt L5U fans, get use to it as long as Saban is at Bama no other SEC running back will get looked at for the Heisman, but hey y'all still got the 1959 winner to hang your hat on.
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TigerJeff102 months
Nick probably told them he's a mule, just keep runnin' him into the ground, shoot up the knee, etc. What a guy
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Sid in Lakeshore102 months
ehole? Couldn't even spell that right, hunh?
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GeauxTigersLee102 months
Look at what the last 15 Heisman winners have done in the Pros. Then go look at the 20 years before them. Pretty easy to see the Heisman isn't awarded to the best player in football anymore.
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biglego102 months
Henry is the third best SEC running back when Chubb is healthy.
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DoubleDown102 months
Good luck next year LSU on not finishing in the bottom half of the SEC West. The Dynasty continues.
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ehole102 months
LSU's best back would be a distant 3rd for these bama busts... Glass houses and whatnot
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chattabama102 months
Amazing how mad everyone is in here. Sounds like our Louisiana real estate is thriving right now.
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Mulerider102 months
C'mon man, Henry is the second best running back in the SEC West and the H-Trophy winner. Is that counter intuitive?
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Street Hawk102 months
Derrick Henry is next. The most worthless running backs come out of Alabama.
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BIGJLAW102 months
That's why you are message board heroes and not coaching. Some of you need to get over the hate.
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Chadaristic102 months
I can't tell what you guys hate more.

Nick Saban or Alabama?
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lsusteve1102 months
Last person I'd ask on how to handle an NFL player would be Saban.
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Jack Daniel102 months
"Just cut him like all our other worthless runningbacks from Alabama"

-Nick Saban
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