Many Jaguars Coaches And Players Are Shocked Urban Meyer Is Still In Charge
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According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, many Jaguars players are “shocked” Urban Meyer is still the head coach after the past week's drama...

“He is a laughingstock in that locker room right now. (My client) said he’s a con man. They think he’s a fraud. How do you not fly home with your team?” the agent for one Jaguars player told CBS Sports.

“You can’t make morality a central theme of your leadership message, and then do this,” the agent for another Jaguars player said. “It undermines everything. You can’t be holier than thou and do as I say and then do this. You don’t get up from something like this. These players see right through him. I can’t believe they didn’t fire him.”

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DomincDecoco29 months
You're so garbage Larry - Change the title to "one Jacksonville player agent relays that his client is shocked Urban Meyer is still in charge"
user avatar
JustinT3729 months
Kind of like the politicians mandating the mask then don’t wear the mask. Hahah
user avatar
bucknut1529 months
I guarantee half of the players on that team hit the titty bar every weekend. This story has turned into a joke
user avatar
bigDgator29 months
Just want to point out that this is 3rd hand knowledge from someone in the fake news business, hearing it from a lawyer, hearing it from a football player. While it may very well be true, and urban may lose his job. I find it hilarious that this is the way so called "news" is disseminated these days. It's just a bunch of gossip queens.
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xGeauxLSUx29 months
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TexasTiger8929 months
They refuse to shake his hand.
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roll to victory29 months
Why would be fired for that?, many coaches and owners have done far worse. See Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones to name a few.
user avatar
FowlGuy29 months
Jerry Jones owns the franchise you dumb ass. What’s he gonna do fire himself?
user avatar
StupidBinder29 months
They’re considering firing him because he has a dysfunctional relationship with the truth and lacks integrity. This is a pattern with him, can we stop pretending that he was floating through life like a newborn kitten when then made *one* mistake in a bar?
user avatar
Sonnyboy29 months
He will be fired in time for LSU to get him.
user avatar
bcoop19929 months
Urban helping keep the attention off Gruden.
user avatar
blowmeauburn29 months
I’m shocked half those players are still in the locker room. Hell in the league. Garbage organization.
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