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According to Fox 4 News, Johnny Manziel turned himself in to police on Wednesday afternoon after he was indicted on an assault charge stemming from an alleged attack where he hit and threatened his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, back in February. He posted $1,500 bond. Read more on Johnny Jail here.
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Thacian96 months
Another joran vander sloot
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3deadtrolls96 months
Ryan Leaf must be proud.
user avatar
MondayMorningMarch96 months
Johnny fricking Failure
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GRTiger96 months
I wish I cared enough to search the thread on the sec rant where I and many other rational people called this clown crashing and burning and all the aggy faithful losing their shite over it. But I don't. Because JFF. And Aggy.
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Capital Cajun96 months
I wish a had a nickel for every Johnny frick Up story posted on TD.
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BobABooey96 months
I wonder if Larry will post pics of Johnny's jailhouse "girlfriends"?
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lsusportsman296 months
Johnny Jailbait
user avatar
Shooter96 months
Dude looks looks like Beavis.
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dabigfella96 months
johnny still talkin about playing in 2016 outside clubs in la????
user avatar
c on z96 months
Johnny Criminal
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