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Hey, Johnny Manziel is a grown man and can do what he pleases. But when you're known for being a party boy with a knack for peacing out on your NFL team, people are gonna notice everything you do. On Saturday, the Browns QB was seen at Kings Liquor in Fort Worth, TX according to Theresa Swinney, assistant manager. Per Star-Telegram...

Swinney said she and her colleagues quickly recognized Manziel. He bought a $120 bottle of Don Julio Tequila, part of a total purchase of “under $200.” She said he paid with a credit card with his name on it.

“He was in a really good mood,” said Swinney, who said she waited on the former Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M.

Reports of his stop at the liquor store were also posted on Facebook, drawing such comments as “at least he’s consistent at something.”
I guess it is the off season.
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Opelousas Sostan100 months
It's news because he has alcoholism.
user avatar
sullivanct19a100 months
It's news because he was just in a rehab program. How is it some of you dolts can't figure that out?
user avatar
caliegeaux100 months
At this point in his career, wouldn't it be more news worthy if he weren't in a liquor store?
user avatar
Masterag100 months
I Just saw Michael Jordan drinking water. Water!
user avatar
saint tiger225100 months
I really hope they don't pay you for this Larry.
user avatar
emanresu100 months
It's a news story because he needed in patient rehab for alcohol addiction. That it's "the off season" is a red herring and misses the point.
user avatar
farmer brown100 months
I saw Charles Barkley eating a hamburger steak at Lloyds Steakhouse at Inverness, a few years back.
user avatar
Amazing Moves100 months
What a terrible rag to run this non-story
user avatar
tigerman03100 months
It's the off-season. He went to the store. So what?
It looks like the manager wanted a little fame here.
user avatar
Lsu101205100 months
I went to the grocery store today.

I bought some bread, and some lunch meat.
user avatar
siliconvalleytiger100 months
So what? Why is this news?
user avatar
Doug Masters100 months
Guy is such a douche
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