On Wednesday, Thomas Randolph wore a Cowboys Tony Romo jersey to his murder sentencing after having a handyman kill his sixth wife. He got the death penalty. He also didn't take the tag off of his Romo jersey because he didn't want it to deprecate...
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On Wednesday, a jury decided that Thomas Randolph, 62, should be put to death for having a handyman kill his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, and fatally shooting Michael James Miller, the man he had kill her.

“I feel that’s really what he deserves,” Beyer said. “He’s a monster. He’s one evil, evil monster.”

A panel of eight women and four men handed down two death sentences, one for each victim. Randolph showed no emotional reaction, but turned and gave a thumbs up to a television news producer as he walked out of the courtroom.
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user avatar
dbeck84 months
Joke's on him, the judge is a Redskins fan.
user avatar
Koach K84 months
Depreciate. De-pre-ci-ate.
user avatar
emanresu84 months
Why not just kill your wife yourself rather than having to kill the paid killer?
user avatar
MountainCat84 months
Why not just divorce the bitch?
user avatar
rondo84 months
Killing the hitman you hire to kill someone.....seems genius and dumb as shite at the same time..
user avatar
Lsuchs84 months
Should have hired another hitman to kill that hitman, and so on. Keep things professional
user avatar
NASA_ISS_Tiger84 months
Don't commit a crime in Texas that has a death penalty clause associated with it...Texas don't care..They carry out some sentences there.
user avatar
BigDawg042084 months
This was in Nevada
user avatar
TigerSpray84 months
His 15 minutes are up, tick, tick, tick, right now.
user avatar
Black n Gold84 months
Was he sentenced to death by chocking?
user avatar
mule7484 months
I down voted for spelling.
user avatar
TommyDaTiger84 months
You're killing your father Larry
user avatar
Nix to Twillie84 months
Tommy if you keep repeating the same shite, someone is bound to laugh eventually. Hang in there big guy. Need more man cave pics? I'm here to help.
user avatar
CAD703X84 months
so now romo's record is spotless: failed in every big game and in saving someone's life
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