Gracie Hunt, daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, is celebrating is literally diving into "Shark Week"...

Diving right into….Shark Week
Who else looks forward to it every year?! Thanks @discovery for mesmerizing and traumatizing all of us with amazing content!

#SharkWeek #DiscoveryChannel #Sharks #Discovery #Nature #Ocean #ProtectOurOceans #GalapagosSharks #HI #Hawaii
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user avatar
cypresstiger11 months
Photoshopped at the aquarium
user avatar
Boodis Man11 months
can someone explain to me why this 7/10 at best seems to be featured daily on this site?
user avatar
bcoop19911 months
Her agent pays for publicity.
user avatar
JackieTreehorn11 months
She looks best with the scuba mask on.
user avatar
Skinny11 months
Wish she would show video of those sharks nibbling on those butt cheeks.
user avatar
Tripp6711 months
Sharks will not touch her, she is just a plastic lure not real bait
user avatar
Gifman11 months
100% fake. Also, this bitch is a two bagger.
user avatar
coolneal11 months
That looks very AI generated. Not sure these are real
user avatar
Redbone11 months
Musta not been on her period. Sharks can smell that thang too.
user avatar
Warwick11 months
can they eat her ego?
user avatar
cajunmud11 months
I've come to hate the word Content.

It's like, okay, anyone got any ideas? Alright then, let's go with that.
user avatar
jamboots0811 months
She seems photoshopped into those photos.
user avatar
Saunson6911 months
She isn't hot. I just don't think so. I also think whoever Larry Leo is or a pseudonym behind another person is a creep.
user avatar
raceboy11 months
Wouldn’t be much of a meal for one of those sharks
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