This is one of the more awkward interviews you'll see. The Golf Channel thought Everette Sands, offensive skill specialist coach with The Citadel football team, was former NFL QB Vince Young...
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gamecockman1216 days
Dumbass broad reporter.
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DrDenim16 days
this is what happens when you have this push to get more women into sports media, at all costs, but the women themselves don't get into the actual sports (and the people involved) that they will be covering. What an embarrassment for her parents and anyone who has ever watched the Oprah Winfrey show and come away thinking, "That was a damn good show."
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Sevensblue16 days
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N0T SURE16 days
In all fairness, if you see a black dude it's a 50/50 chance it's Vince young right?
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He was classy about it.
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Just kept the mic on him lol, good thing he knows how to handle media and did a good job on rolling with it instead of embarrassing her.
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RoyalAir16 days
Former SEC coach Everette Sands. Was on Spurrier's last USC staff.
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NPComb16 days
So much for debunking yt and they "all look alike" accusations
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soccerfüt16 days
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SwampyWaters16 days
Wow! How does that happen? I feel for both of them, but she's ultimately the one responsible as a journalist.
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jp4lsu16 days
Oh geez. He was a class act. She should have apologized on air for the mix up and ask the same question concerning team sport to individual sport.
Somebody told her that was VY. That is the person to blame, she was terrible in handling it.
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Warwick16 days
typical NPC, cant go off script
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OJsLifeCoach16 days
Dude handled it with class.

Reporter is dumb as frick. After he tells her he's not who she thinks he is, she still holds the mic in front of his face like she didn't catch any of that.
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Pioneer BS 17515 days
dumb as frick

I see a pattern here.
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LSUbacchus8116 days
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