Former NFL QB Donovan McNabb Is Going To Jail
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
According to TMZ Sports, former NFL QB Donovan McNabb is going to serve a 18 days sentence in jail after pleading guilty to a DUI on June 28th in Arizona. Per TMZ...

Court officials confirm .... the ex-NFL quarterback received the following sentence:
-- 18 days in county jail
-- 72 days in home detention after jail
-- 30 hours of community service
-- Counseling after home detention
-- Unsupervised probation until he completes the sentence
-- ordered to pay a $6,342.23 fine

McNabb's attorney Thomas Connelly tells us the QB was granted a "work release"during his jail sentence ... which means he'll spend his nights behind bars and days out working in the free world.
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user avatar
randybobandy103 months
rush was right.........
user avatar
PhilipMarlowe103 months
Ugh, forget modern society. I wish I was living in the 50's.
user avatar
LSUzealot103 months
That's how stringent all states should be with DUI laws. Arizona drops the hammer first offense. Although I will say if your BAC is .09 you don't deserve that jail time but it keeps the real alcoholics who drive dangerously everyday in Louisiana off the streets in Arizona.
user avatar
LedDawgK103 months
Meat get a like just for your handle my friend LOL
user avatar
AmericusDawg103 months
Damn that
user avatar
DawgGONIT103 months
18 days in jail? WTF?
user avatar
805tiger103 months
He should spend his time in Tent City.
user avatar
Meat Newtons103 months
He dindu nuffin... Just a good boy trying to get his life skraight...
user avatar
ChunkyLover54103 months
Mt. Carmel's finest. But that's messed up
user avatar
bayou2003103 months
In the mean time guys in the NFL that beat the shite out of women gets no jail time. Did Mr McNabb have a public defender??
user avatar
DrAnhero103 months
It's his second offense in two years. He still has a shitty lawyer.
user avatar
Walt OReilly103 months
Shitty lawyer
user avatar
prplhze2000103 months
Is that a first offense?
user avatar
Hawgeye103 months
Guess he gets some free "chunky" soup
user avatar
stonedbegonias103 months
"One DUI?"
...What gives you that idea?
user avatar
TigerB8103 months
sounds like he's got a crappy lawyer. One DUI? My guess is he'd have to have done more than just Driving under the influence or he's a repeat offender. That's serious punishment for 1 DUI
user avatar
19103 months
He is now eligible to become a resident of Louisiana.
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