Hey, not everyone is a sports fan...
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cajunmud15 months
Wow...they can get the game on a flight now? I still won't be giving up my Constitutional rights to fly again tho.
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It's not that surprising. I have some family that also don't care about football. I didn't watch the Rams/Patriots Super Bowl a few years ago.
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DeafVallyBatnR15 months
I did not watch either
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Tshirts15 months
NFL too woke for me to care.
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GetmorewithLes15 months
I watched Conagher during halftime...
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JackieTreehorn15 months
Smartest person on the plane.
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Timeoday15 months
I certainly did not watch the Super Bowl. It is obvious who runs the business of football entertainment and it is not the best players on thefield.
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jatilen15 months
It's probably a broad
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SuperOcean15 months
.... Something to be in said about watching Eva Mendes
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MUMFORD15 months
This. I was about to post Eva Mendes ftw.
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Eltegray15 months
Please, Funk the NFL. Once again the refs insert themselves in a crucial moment. I can't watch the incompetence anymore either.
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Mulkey Man15 months
The Eagle who got the penalty said it was a good call.
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mikedatyger15 months
So ... at what during a game do you stop calling fouls? 2 minutes? 1 minute? Sucked, but it was a foul.
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That was the only penalty thrown not a delay of game lol
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