Cincinnati Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap Lists Home For Sale Immediately After Sunday's Loss
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Like J.J. Watt, Cincinnati Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap has also had enough of losing this year. So much so, that after Sunday's loss to 37-34 loss to the Cleveland Browns he went on Twitter and listed his home for sale...
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Hahahaha...I think that's hilarious. He's been with the Bengals since 2010.

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xGeauxLSUx44 months
To be honest they should go ahead and get rid of him and pick up as many picks as possible for OLine cause they are STRAIGHT TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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tubucoco44 months
That's what he wants, my man says "make his day". LOL If he's been there since 2010 and is tired, I'd say the guy has a right to express himself!
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Boomshockalocka44 months
He has been mentioned as very likely to be traded leading up to this game. They probably told him after the game that they were gonna be moving him.
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CanebreakCajun44 months
Hey, in the NFL when you offense puts up 30 plus you are supposed to win. The Bengals D blows cat arse.
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Well, Cindy is only averaging 23.3 ppg. That’s good for 23rd in the league.
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We rightfully criticize the Bengals OL because they're terrible, but I think the defense needs a lot more of it. They are fricking dreadful and one of the worst in the NFL.
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Chalkywhite8444 months
Something happened at the end of the game with Dunlap. Does anyone know what?
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ApexTiger44 months
Joe Burrow is the only reason they are competitive... they could be 5-1....they are that close to winning those games
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kywildcatfanone44 months
Teams lose because their players don't play well, or don't have enough talent to compete with the other team. Work harder in practice.
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rsbd44 months
Here is an idea........ Play better, or at least play
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Paradiddler44 months
He's been on the bench a lot & is salty
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Fightin Okra44 months
Wasn’t he part of the Defense that gave up the winning touchdown?
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tigerpawl44 months
Oh great. Now they're Drama Queens. Seek attention much??
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RedPop444 months
He's a professional athlete, you expect anything else? They're almost all dramatic attention whores.
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