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Aaron Hernandez's older brother, Dennis "D.J." Hernandez, was arrested last week after he allegedly threw a brick at ESPN's headquarters with a note attached to it...

According to police documents, the incident happened at around 3 PM on March 23 at the famed Bristol, Conn. campus -- just after cops were asked to perform a welfare check on D.J. after he had allegedly stated he wanted to smash out windows at the State Capital and at ESPN.

Police say ESPN security told them an Uber had arrived at one of their gates -- but when it was turned away, a passenger in the car got out of the ride, threw something onto the grounds, and then got back into the vehicle and left.

Cops in the documents say when they investigated the object, they discovered it was a white plastic bag with a large brick in it. They also say it had a handwritten note on it.

"To all media outlets," cops say the message read. "It's about time you all realeyes the affect media has on all family members. Since you're a world wide leader maybe you could lead how media and messages are delivered brick by brick. Clean it up!"

Police say the note was signed, "Yours truly, Dennis J. Hernandez."

Cops say when they spoke with a security guard who witnessed the incident at the booth -- the worker told them they were "90 percent positive" the man who threw the object was D.J., a former Division 1 football player and Aaron's older brother.

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Git dat shet skrate main.
user avatar
navy16 months
Article was both hynoteyesing and mesmereyesing!
user avatar
BowDownToLSU16 months
Glad you was able to sumereyes the story
user avatar
ThatTahoeOverThere16 months
user avatar
dstone1216 months
His brother traumateyesed him as a yoof.
user avatar
TaderSalad16 months
Blessing in the skeyes that no one was hurt
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jamarr16 months
sounds like he should be institutionaleyesed
user avatar
Strannix16 months
They better recogneyes
user avatar
Jaydeaux16 months
Damn. The crazy worlds some people live in.
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tigahland16 months
Lol they better realeyes.
user avatar
atltiger648716 months
realeyes??? Good lord, how can anyone with even a middle school education think that's the correct spelling.
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jpainter617416 months
Dem eyes real!
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KAGTASTIC16 months
I just realeyesed...Larry must have helped him with that note.
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DeafVallyBatnR16 months
I really got a good laugh at this.
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