Video Of Saints WR Jalen McCleskey Working Out With Colin Kaepernick On Monday
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New Orleans Saints WR Jalen McCleskey extended an invitation to former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick to work out and Monday it went down. Does this mean anything? Hmm...
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MaxxPain227 months
frick no id rather go 0-17
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goatnut27 months
He started all this kneeling to avoid being cut that preseason, knowing san fran wouldn't want to look bad. He was washed up then and even more now.
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OGTiger27 months
I was thinking the same thing. Release is sloooowwww!
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baytiger1127 months
Aside from being a pos, his release looks slow af. He’s long missed his window to play in the nfl again.
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Brummy27 months
Colin Kaepernick worked out at Edna Karr High School. Edna Karr High School is located on General Meyer Avenue. General Adolph Meyer was a Confederate general. Colin Kaepernick is a Confederate sympathizer.
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Robber DeNiro27 months
And your a Trump supporter lol
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B2 Bomber27 months
Didn't McCleskey attend St. Paul’s and Tulane? Wonder why they worked out at Edna Karr.
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Black n Gold27 months
Jalen McCleskey, huh. Dude needs to worry about securing a roster spot for himself, not his social terrorist idol.
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BigDawg042027 months
"New Orleans Saints WR" is being kind to Jalen. He's at best a camp body.
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saints502127 months
Can't wait for the first training camp cuts so I can watch Jalen McCleskey leave the team
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SPEEDY27 months
Why does Colin want to go back to the slave plantation?
user avatar
91TIGER27 months
That was my first thought as well. Slavery must not be too bad for this POS to want back on the plantation so badly ?
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TigerB827 months
This would be the equivalent to a student wanting to get better in biology and then deciding to actively work with the ebola virus as the solution.
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armytiger3327 months
user avatar
LSU-MNCBABY27 months
They should cut this clown wr immediately
user avatar
CajunBullet27 months
I bet "Crap-A-Neck" threw 4 or 5 interceptions during the work out!
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