Sean Payton Was Only Coach Who ‘Violated’ The League’s Sponsor Rules Last Night
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports
The NFL issued a memo to coaches and players that only league-sponsored items could be on-camera during last night's draft. All complied...except Saints head coach Sean Payton...
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jgoodw31846 months
Good. frick the NFL
user avatar
Drew Brews46 months
My man. Should have worn his Roger clown nose shirt.
user avatar
eddieray46 months
He’s a little shite stirrer.
user avatar
Kankles46 months
Roger Goodell? I agree.
user avatar
LSUlefty46 months
That's My Coach. Frick Roger.
user avatar
ByUselves46 months
Well, when you are a rebel, you rebel, don't ya?
user avatar
John Gotti46 months
what kind of psycho eats twizzlers?
user avatar
atltiger648746 months
Tell Roger to frick off - eat and drink what you want.
user avatar
LSUrme46 months
"The NFL sent a memo to draftees to tell them that anything on camera should be NFL sponsors" Cesar Ruiz is a Draftee, not Sean Payton.
user avatar
brett40846 months
Crush is distributed by Pepsi in Louisiana. Twizzlers blow.
user avatar
Blind Zebras46 months
Is that why his pick was shit
user avatar
Champagne46 months
The NFL front office has taken note of this insult and will exact retribution on the playing field using their "Enforcers" -- the Refs will flag the Saints quickly and often, and, when the Saints opponent commits infractions, the flags will stay glued in the Refs' pockets. The Refs will exact retribution for this impudence.
user avatar
Ponchy Tiger46 months
make no mistake, that stuff was insight on that table by accident.
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