Marshon Lattimore Gun Arrest Video, Cops Warned Him 'You're Gonna Shoot Your D*ck Off'
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Bodycam video has been released from the Cleveland Police Department that shows the arrest of New Orleans Saints DB Marshon Lattimore, who was accused of having a stolen handgun on him in his hometown of Cleveland in March...

In video of the stop, you can see officers swarmed the car immediately ... and confronted Lattimore right away.

In the clip, cops say they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car ... and then asked Lattimore if there were firearms inside the ride.

Eventually, Lattimore revealed he DID have a gun on his person ... and told cops it was located in the groin area of his jeans.

"You're gonna shoot your dick off," one officer said as he removed the firearm from Lattimore's pants.

"Get yourself a holster, brother," another cop told the New Orleans Saints corner.

He was later charged with receiving stolen property, a fourth-degree felony in the state of Ohio. (
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Jesus what a dumbass, why does an NFL contract holder worth millions need to take possession of a stolen fire arm? Did it not cross his mind that gun might have been used in a crime, making him a suspect? Why did his "manager" not just take him to get a fricking $300 gun if he wanted one so bad? When will these athletes realize that they are the actual "asset" and to stop acting like a fricking liability.
Reply15 days
They are long on "Athletic Ability" and "Short on Brains"! They need to wake up and realize that they have a god given ability. Take advantage of it and save your money.
15 days
shoot your dick comment is at 2:18, you're welcome
Reply15 days
Marshon Dicknomore
Reply15 days
Appendix carry not smart.
Reply15 days
So funny that when O was a young man if I got caught with a gun and drugs then straight to jail. Now hey everything will be alright no harm! Morals, we do not have them anymore!
Reply15 days
You want people minding their own business to go to jail for weed and a gun? Jesus
15 days
In 1983 we were worried, as a nation, that Ralphie would shoot his eye out. In 2021, we have shifted those concerns to NFL stars shooting their dicks off. 'Merica!
Reply15 days
I believe there is quite a few ER stories of the oppressed shooting their dicks.
15 days
Yeah plaxico
15 days
I saw a 15 yo who got shot in the dick after banging some dude’s girlfriend. They saved the shaft but he lost a ball. Never change, Shreveport.
15 days
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