Here's What Pelicans star Anthony Davis Had To Say About His 'That's All Folks' Shirt
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Pelicans star Anthony Davis arrived to his final game in New Orleans on Tuesday night wearing a "That's All Folks" shirt. Here's what he said when asked about it...
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Really? Whatever. See, ya!

(The Spun)
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TwoDatBait63 months
He so beta his mom still picks out his clothes....
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robttiger63 months
he reminds me of George on Seinfeld trying to get fired from the Yankees
user avatar
TigerSpray63 months
user avatar
GeauxsomeMeaux63 months
No one really cares! The NBA is dying in the eyes of fans!
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Lake Vegas Tiger63 months
No one believe that BS excuse, truth is that he is an idiot
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LesnarF563 months
Can't wait until they trade this Klingon!
user avatar
km63 months
I'm calling BS. What if the shirt said "AD SUCKS". Would he have still worn it?
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FlyinTiger9363 months
Grown arse man can not even pick out his own clothes.
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GoRuckTiger63 months
frick him and his mongoloid eyebrow(s). What dipshit thinks that's a good look? Not sure why anyone wants to play with Lebron and be his bitch. Not very alpha if you ask me and I guess that explains the Pelicans struggles to ever become elite.
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Bige1163 months
I hope he goes to Boston to frick the lakers. I’ll never forgot magic saying we didn’t act in good faith on trade negotiations because we wouldn’t bend over. Frick them.
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AustinKnight63 months
Guy had every chance of leaving New Orleans with fans that felt the executives were the ones who screwed up . Now it’s like he wanted to be looked at as the villain and disliked. Kinda of a shame I liked him.
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saints502163 months
He becomes more and more a little bitch child everytime he opens his fricked up mouth.
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OceanMan63 months
Look, I don’t know who picks out my outfits, but I know they are more qualified to dress me than I am.
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beauxkner63 months
user avatar
Placebeaux63 months
Lol Lebron dresses him
user avatar
Black n Gold63 months
Not sure who hung it?! Pretty obvious he grabbed it from Lebron's closet on his way out yesterday morning.
user avatar
AndyWoods63 months
Larry, why did you type "See, ya!" It is hurting my head.
user avatar
dstone1263 months
Damn. If I only cared about the NBA or NFL, I would be more interested in what these million dollar victims endure.
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