Urban Meyer Has Declared Ohio State As The Real D.B.U.
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Urban Meyer has thrown his Buckeyes hat into "We Are The Real D.B.U." ring. Over the last few weeks, everyone in college football from Florida to Oklahoma St. has been declaring themselves to be THE Defensive Back University. Now, you can add Ohio State into the mix with this tweet from Meyer, he went out his way to spell it differently...
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Can we stop this now?
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Rebel Land Shark109 months
Dallas Baptist University is the true DBU
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chadr07109 months
Good God I don't even care if LSU is DBU now. If every power 5 conference team is gonna get this bent out of shape about this then I'd rather LSU just stay out of this rediculous soap opera
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TwoDatBait109 months
you're right Urban, if there was ever a DoucheBag University, you would be it's coach....
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MC5601109 months
This is getting ridiculous.
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JakeFromStateFarm109 months
Want to know how you can tell that Cory Raymond has been effective in using "DBU" to grab elite defensive back recruits? Everyone is coming out of the fricking woodwork to claim their school is "the real DBU". Good job, coach.
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lsusteve1109 months
Thanks Bama...this bi*** will be insufferable until the next NC game.
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LSUAlum2001109 months
He had to go back 25 years to assert that claim?

..that's 5 years older than most of his players.
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TampaTiger22109 months
Lol Meyer is an idiot
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Boca Tigre109 months
What excuse will urban cryer use when Harbaugh makes him quit?
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airportwhiskey109 months
This dude has become an even bigger douche since leaving Florida.
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rondo109 months
I dont know how official all this really is.
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BayouBengal99109 months
Hey recruits ..... Y'all all see it right??? LSU steaks the claim as DBU and now everyone in the country just wants to try and steal the name from LSU! We are the trend setter or ORIGINAL, OG, The Microsoft, Apple, Coke, Top Dog, of the name DBU. We can also legitimately claim WRU, DLU, and RBU. Our QBs are getting better, our OL is also. With Steel here you will see the talent at linebacker sky rocket. This D will be scary good boys and girls. They can take the old name bc LSU is about to change that vaunted defensive name to Purple Steel Curtain and rain down on opposing offenses! Watch.... I can see the diff in the guys we are going after and with this secondary not just corners like Ohio claims but safeties also to go with this scary front that BeBe and steel are recruiting from here on. I find it hallarious that people thing steel is going to come into LSU and it will drop off lmao.... All he's doing is making them smarter more technical players which is what we have lacked. Awareness and smarts to go with the swag and aggressiveness, the style already deeply rooted at LSU will make us very very very good.
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tigbit109 months
Next they will all start claiming that they are the real "NFLSU"
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