The reporter apologized...
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Oklahoma State fell to Wisconsin in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl on Tuesday night. After the game, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was furious with a reporter's question about potential staff changes...
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Wabbit714 months
That reporter should have said "Thought you were a man?!"
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TheRouxGuru14 months
Sweet reference to a viral moment that’s irrelevant here. Doesnt even make sense though
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Jabontik14 months
lol I thought for sure it was going to be "I'm a MAN! I'm 60!"
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yeauxkneauxit14 months
Reporters asking these questions should be ashamed of themselves! Good for the coach to have the nuts to call that dude out. Only thing that report is going to learn from is how to continue doing this for his own ratings. Geez!
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Roovelroe14 months
Gundy is a total dick
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metryboy14 months
I'm guessing this is why no one asks Brian Kelly about a new Special Teams coach!
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KingOfTheWorld14 months
He’s right on this question but he’s still a dick. I’ll never forget the disgusted look on his face on the coaches panel when Tua made the 2nd and 26 throw. He so wanted Bama to lose.
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ncinthenext314 months
Long live Mike Gundy.
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RoyalAir14 months
Simple answer is, "we're not going to discuss this at this time. "

Reporter has to ask. It's his job. Gundy doesn't have to be a dick.
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CrystalPreserves14 months
That guy’s legacy revolves around 2 things.

“I’m 40 I’m a man!!!”

and being too chicken shite to play LSU in 2011 when he had an opportunity for a championship on the line.
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cajunmud14 months
A coach at this level losing his job after making $100k+ for no telling how long ain't exactly the same devastation to the "family" as making $30k and your job getting shipped overseas by the commies in DC.

A little perspective here Mike.
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CanebreakCajun14 months
Make more money.
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kywildcatfanone14 months
Can he not afford a barber?
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shel31114 months
I love how you don't ask questions because you don't do that to people's families, but then it's ok to fire guys and leave them unemployed, that's ok to do to people's families.
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GoldenAge14 months
Think Gundy means that he isn't going to tell reporters something or speculate on someone's job without first talking to the person.
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