Nebraska WR Leaves No Tip & Advice For Trash Talking Waiter
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports
Nebraska junior WR Brandon Reilly wasn't too happy with a waiter who was bashing his Cornhuskers while waiting on him. Unfortunately, the waiter had no idea he was serving a player, so Reily left him a tip that came in the form of advice...
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Savannah Tiger103 months
Brandon has a Mangina!
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beauchristopher103 months
Wow this guy is one massive douche.
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Beauw104 months
If a component of my compensation is directly tied to how my customers feel about me, I would do everything in my power to make sure their dining experience was a good one. Regardless of this guys record, attitude, etc. the waitress should plant a smile on her face and be super sweet.... if she wants tips. I certainly see how it was a douche move but on the flip side, if you're in that industry, be nice as hell all the time.
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LSU_Saints_Hornets104 months
Macklemore plays d1 football?
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Dignan104 months
I have a feeling the next time Brandon Reilly eats at this establishment, the "special sauce" on his meal might taste a little different.
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TangipahoaTiger104 months
Waiter probably thought he was Vanilla Ice.
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Shockley03104 months
I hope he knows that his server just paid money for him to eat there. Considering servers have to tip share with bartenders and such, leaving no tip on a bill meant the server just had to pay about 45-60 cents to tip share since tip shares are 1-2% of total sales. How about instead of being an a-hole and instantly guaranteeing yourself shitty service for another few years, how about stand up for your team and tell the server to quit hating on your awful team? Passive aggressive pussy...
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atltiger6487104 months
you're 5-7. Got to expect to take some hits over that.
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BayouBlogger104 months
So waiters are supposed to all pretend 5-7 is a good record just in case there is some brat college football player eating there?
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SG_Geaux104 months
Brandon is a giant vagina.
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houndstoothbandit104 months
Nobody knows you could have gave me your name and number and I still wouldn't have known who you were.
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thekid104 months
That's weak, if he was a real man he would have engaged in a discussion of the merits of his team...passive aggressive wuss...
He is also an attention ho' why post this except to show how "bad" he is...not impressed.
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Newgene104 months
So, it cost him 4 or 5 bucks to trash talk right in the face of a player for a team he hates. Ok
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Ponchy Tiger104 months
Tipping is outdated and should be banned.
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MNW104 months
Kind of a bitch move, just because she talked shite about a shitty football team, doesn't mean the service was bad.
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dabayoubama104 months
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drizztiger104 months
I'd love a followup story on how Server 1053 Trey was short on paying his rent by 2 bucks and change by losing out on a 10% tip and is now homeless.
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UnAnon104 months
What a pussy
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UncleBlazer104 months
Does he really expect people to know who he is? Waiter probably saw him in a Nebraska shirt and used it as a convo starter as waiters tend to do. And there is nothing to praise about a 5-7 former powerhouse. This guy is a jackass.
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PacoDeTaco104 months
He's a tip Brandon, if your team wasn't a joke this guy wouldn't have a reason to bash. Truth hurts.
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