Did ESPN's Paul Carceterra Accidentally Caused This Houston Cheerleader's Terrible Fall?
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ESPN sideline reporter Paul Carceterra was trying to avoid some action that spilled onto the sideline during Friday night's Washington State vs. Houston game when he knocked into the Cougars cheerleading squad causing this terrible fall...
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Hope she's ok.
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ConwayGamecock58 months
As the sideline reporter for Larry Leo, I report the details: The cheerleader's name is Cara, and she's a captain of the Houston Cheerleading squad. She fell on her right shoulder/side, and hit her head when she landed. Apparently, she's sore but OK after the fall, and doesn't mind letting people know it was her: LINK
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The Torch58 months
She's a freaking cheerleader who cares, cart her off and get Suzie to fill the spot.
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Trumansfangs58 months
EABOD arse hat !
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Placekicker58 months
The best part is right at the end. He bends over, like he is going to check on her, but picks up his stuff instead, and walks away.
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Mr. Hangover58 months
The fall didn’t look that bad, but I bet she was overdramatic about it
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Kankles58 months
Not as overdramatic as Paul
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Solo Cam58 months
How about you go stand on an 8 foot platform and fall backwards on your back and neck onto a hard ground and see how you feel.
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Marco Esquandolas58 months
Larry, Larry, Larry...
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USEyourCURDS58 months
Yes, it would seem he did. Very observant.
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