Check out this Clemson student get his beer money for the rest of the year with one 94-foot putt...
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rattlebucket15 months
A putt like that should be $100k payout or higher
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TKLSUMD15 months
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TiptonInSC15 months
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The Torch15 months
"It's In The Hole" That's what she said!!!!!
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Spoonbilla15 months
frick Clemson
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atltiger648715 months
why? It's a great school, beautiful campus, and we've only played them 4 times in our entire history. Why in the world would you hate them?
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Timeoday15 months
The 2nd most over-rated athletic team in the history of College sports.

Number 1 is Oregon.
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Tridentds15 months
Timeoday, there are about 15 Notre Dame teams over the last 3 decades that would like a word with you.
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