The NBA All-Star Weekend has come and gone with actually a good dunk contest in the books. This caused ESPN's Stephen A. Smith to go on a five-minute rant blaming LeBron James for the NBA Dunk Contest's demise over the years on First Take this morning...
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Timeoday15 months
Wow. A white man wins it and Stephen A wants to change the rules. It is racist and obviously Stevie is threatened.
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chalmetteowl15 months
A dude who has never been in it?
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InVolNerable15 months
Windhorst looks like a soggy cheeseburger
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Giantkiller15 months
He’s telling Windhorst how much Lebron sucks and Windhorsrt is threatening to eat him for these inflammatory slurs.
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Nix to Twillie15 months
There’s a lot LeBron has ruined about basketball.
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TigerMan7915 months
What did he say? I'm not listening to that fools voice.
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ForLSU5615 months
Same here. I'd have to take a Xanax if I did.
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Akit115 months
Lebron refused to do the dunk contest so other big names did the same. He created that trend
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