Shaquille O'Neal's son is 6'8' high school freshman Shareef O'Neal, and by the looks of it, he has a different game than his dad. Shareef can dribble, shoot the 3 and is basically all over the place. Check him out...

Future LSU baller?
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Dick Macho110 months
Why would they bother to lie about his height? You "know it alls" need to try your best to imagine what he would look like playing against a regular JV HS team instead of acting unimpressed with his dominant highlights against what seems to be all division caliber competition.

Instead of using common sense, just go ahead and dismiss this as a sham game against a bunch of short plugs so that he can dunk on 9ft goals. That makes more sense than Shaq's son actually having potential at the game of basketball.
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MondayMorningMarch110 months
I wonder how much Kentucky will pay him to go there for the one year before the NBA calls him up.
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TigerOnThe Hill110 months
"He doesn't look 6'8" in that video."

"I bet he shoots free throws better than his dad."
HaHa! Who doesn't?? :-)
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UnAnon110 months
Sign him!!
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lsuhunt555110 months
There is no way that kid is 6'8"
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Dignan110 months
In 2002, I was working room service at the St. Regis Hotel in Beverly Hills, and brought up breakfast to Shaq and his family in the penthouse. His son was 2 at the time and looked about 6. I mentioned to Shaq I graduated from LSU and he tipped me $100. He was really cool and he gave me his prediction for the upcoming football season.
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SwaggerCopter110 months
He doesn't look 6'8" in that video. I bet he shoots free throws better than his dad.
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lsu480110 months
He is ok but we have this 6"10 freshamn out here in AZ that shits all over him: LINK
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Datbayoubengal110 months
6'8 freshman?? I remember watching the Cribs episode when Shaq showed his house with the court in there with his kids. Those all looked like some normal size little kids. Got damn he shot up like a rocket!
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jondavid11110 months
LSU bball with Shaq at games will be more fun in 4 years
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blueboy110 months
He's impressively quick for a kid that size and in that stage of physical development.
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Nix to Twillie110 months
Looks like a 4-star talent at least based on this video. Having another O'Neal at LSU would be exciting.
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LSUtigers111110 months
For some reason his son looks photoshopped right there
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DrSteveBrule110 months
He will be good. Only a freshman in highschool
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