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Rapper Master P will not give up on his dream of coaching an NBA team and wants a shot at the Lakers head vacancy...

... he wants owner, Jeanie Buss, to look his way.

"Bring me in, I can help get us some W's."

P says he has a plan to get the Purple and Gold back on track ... and it starts with bringing in Shaquille O' Neal to be one of his assistants.

"They need some alpha males over there," P said. "Cant get nothing bigger than me. If you want to win, bring me in."

"I'll bring some hell of assistant coaches with me. Shaq, John Lucas. I don't know if Shaq wants to do that, but if he do, we can take over. I can't see another team like that."

P knows his hoop -- the guy almost made an NBA team back in the '90s ... and has experience coaching Bulls star DeMar DeRozan at the AAU level.
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user avatar
windmill26 months
"Can't get nothing bigger than me" Delusional fool.
user avatar
3down1026 months
The way the world seems lately, he'll get the job and Shaq will come in to coach free throws.
user avatar
blueboxer111926 months
I mean frick it, why not? They have people lighting bats on fire and shite for entertainment. This is no different.
user avatar
Palm Beach Tiger26 months
This is cringe. Last paragraph is more cringe.
user avatar
ellunchboxo26 months
Me too P. Me too.
user avatar
burke98526 months
I wanna be president of the United States
user avatar
tigerpawl26 months
Man - sure am glad I chose to read this instead of spending time with my grandkids.
user avatar
Gifman26 months
Jeez Larry .. another hard hitting headline.
user avatar
BabyTac26 months
I want a million bucks. Ain’t happening.
user avatar
jatilen26 months
I still crank his U Can't Touch This….what a legendary banger!
user avatar
Contra26 months
Hoody Hoo!
user avatar
Wolfmanjack26 months
I’ll take something that will never happen for $1000 Alex.
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