NBA stars requesting trades has always been something that, to me, seems like pouting. However, the newest Phoenix Suns star, Kevin Durant, things it's great for the league, here's why...
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gamecockman1214 months
I mean I get it from the player's perspective, but as a fan it makes the NBA almost unwatchable. Spoiled, rotten players with no loyalty.
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21JumpStreet14 months
Truth. Sports is boring in general. Drama rules all.
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CanebreakCajun14 months no chest.
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3deadtrolls14 months
This is a big part of what has made the league unwatchable.
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jbird714 months
Part of the reason why I stopped watching. Guys like
MJ and Reggie miller refused to do stuff like this.
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Sevensblue14 months
KD should just start his own franchise at this point. No team is good enough for him
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kpop114 months
All I know is that I am pulling against any team that KD or Kyrie are on. KD is all that is wrong with the NBA.
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Billy Mays14 months
Owners going to have a nice clap back this offseason - they’ve had enough of this
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CalLSU14 months
The issue I would have as an owner is this: if I bring in a big-time player. That is making money for not only myself but it’s also providing livelihood for vendors and other businesses as well. It could even lead to more restaurants and other businesses opening around the stadium. When these guys just decide, in the middle of their contract, they want out. So many more people are affected by that decision! The only person it’s good for is him, not anyone else. I do agree that the owners are going to have to do something about that!
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Tshiz14 months
Cry me a river
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