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Early this week, rumors were a-swirling after Scottie Pippen's ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, was seen out and about with Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan. On Tuesday, those rumors were put to bed...

Despite what some folks assumed by their public outing, we're told Larsa and Marcus are really just homies and aren't an item.

It would have been a big mess if it were true -- Larsa's ex, Scottie, pretty much hates his old partner in crime ... which dates back to their playing days on the Chicago Bulls and was reignited during the "Last Dance" documentary.

As for why LP and MJ were together, we're told they happen to have a similar social circle ... so it was just a good ole fashioned hangout.
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kkv7521 months
Jordan and son probably made pIp watch.
user avatar
mpwilging21 months
He's poking the kitty and all are happy.
user avatar
Larsa is fine.
user avatar
caliegeaux21 months
so it was just a good ole fashioned Bangout.
user avatar
SelaTiger21 months
A Jordan cucks Scottie once again.
user avatar
ezride2521 months
Man Mrs Parker know what she be doin in them shorts
user avatar
tigerpimpbot21 months
They are definitely fricking
user avatar
the LSUSaint21 months
Can you please tell us why stories about some skank whore and who she fricks is on this site?
user avatar
Lieutenant Dan21 months
Had no idea Jordan's son was hootie and the blowfish.
user avatar
TigerB821 months
yeah...they doin it
user avatar
jbird721 months
Agreed. A woman in her 40s doesn’t hang out with a dude in his 20s bc they’re “friends”.
user avatar
c on z21 months
Have you guys ever heard of platonic relationships?
user avatar
blueboxer111921 months
She a semen demon.

Aka, the throat goat.

Of course she's singing into this dude's microphone.
user avatar
Tshiz21 months
user avatar
lsuoilengr21 months
Larry is disappointed in the lack of drama!
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