During the NBA Playoffs we get a daily dose of the Inside the NBA crew, which means we get more Charles Barkley hot takes. Last night he dropped this one about cats...
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POTUS202410 months
The story he relays about getting a bracelet from a guy as a gift in the sauna is great. Shaq lost his mind.
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Spelt it rong10 months
They're more of a co-habitant. Self-sufficient and very weird, but still show plenty of affection. Different from owning a dog, for sure.
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Morpheus10 months
At the end you hear him say “ a cat is something old women have”. haha
He tells it like it is.
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atltiger648710 months
what if the cat identifies as a dog?
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3deadtrolls10 months
He's not wrong.
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NebraskaExPat10 months
He's right.
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