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WNBA star Brittney Griner testified on Wednesday that her rights were never read and a language interpreter didn't properly explain to her what documents she was signing before she was arrested in February...

She told defense lawyer Maria Blagovolina of how, after she went through passport control and security at the Moscow airport on Feb. 17, a staff member with a dog asked her to open her bags, before finding two cartridges.

Another worker “opened the cartridges, smelled them” and then her passport was taken and she signed some documents that she needed Google translate to understand, Griner said. There was an interpreter but she didn’t explain what she was signing, and she was never read her rights, she added.

By this time she had missed her connecting flight to Yekaterinburg, the central city where she plays basketball in the Russian premier league. She called her lawyer, but her phone was then confiscated and her lawyers were not allowed to see her until the early hours of the next morning, Griner told the court.

"At that point it felt like I was being held against my will," she said. "I asked again what's going on and when can I see my lawyer. I was then told I have to be interrogated."

She was then cross-examined by the prosecution, which asked her whether she pleaded guilty to drug smuggling.

"I do understand charges against me, I do take responsibility for them being in my bag, but I didn’t plan on bringing anything to Russia," she told the court.
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mla010023 months
Going forward, she should be made to, not only come out of the Locker Room during the National Anthem but sing it!!!
user avatar
ImBatman23 months
They need to keep that un-American dude in prison.
user avatar
TouchdownTony23 months
You are in jail in Russia. Your US citizenship means nothing. You are subject to the laws of the country you are in. It amazes me how many people think America is the only country in the world. Oh BTW, while you are over there with no heat or air, cramped quarters, no money, no profession, bad food and no rights, civil or otherwise, and realizing that if you weren't a basketball player you would have already been given 10 years, maybe you realize the USA aint so bad after all.
user avatar
TFH23 months
Say it again.
user avatar
atltiger648723 months
She thinks they have Miranda rights in Russia??? Maybe the good ole USA isn't the cesspool she thought it was. But I have ZERO doubt that once she gets back here, she'll continue to trash our great country.
user avatar
Hurricane Mike23 months
"I do take responsibility for them being in my bag, but I didn’t plan on bringing anything to Russia"
user avatar
Gus Tinsley23 months
LOL..Take your punishment like a MAN and shut up!!!
user avatar
Jay Quest23 months
Does this qualify as mansplaining?
user avatar
lsuohiofan23 months
This is not wimpy America. You as a non citizen have no rights except the ones the Russians give you. Ask the Americans held in Singapore prisons. She will get back and continue to bash America! I hope this changes her but I am guessing not!
user avatar
3down1023 months
Wasn't read her rights? Did she think she was in the country she hates?
user avatar
ApexTiger23 months
I don't like people who reject our flag and our country... She is unattractive on many fronts...
user avatar
CanebreakCajun23 months
Guess she gets to experience actual systemic oppression.
user avatar
fricking sick of this person
user avatar
coolieaux23 months
This is great
user avatar
JackieTreehorn23 months
frick that bastard
user avatar
BrotherDawg8423 months
Buh bye now.
user avatar
Morpheus23 months
I don’t think anyone being arrested is being detained “at will” . Maybe just me tho
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller23 months
What had happened was...
user avatar
lsuson23 months
Playing the I didn’t ima t to do that card isn’t going yo work in mother Russia
user avatar
HubbaBubba23 months
Release her at the border with Ukraine and give her directions to Kiev. If she makes it, well done. Otherwise, if she dies, she dies.
user avatar
10MTNTiger23 months
I could not possible care less
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