The MLB Competition Committee approved a pitch clock to create a quicker pace of play last fall. There's now a 30-second timer between batters and a 15-second timer between pitches when the bases are empty. The timer increases to 20 seconds when there are runners on base. On Friday, we got out first glimpse at the new clock...
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The Torch15 months
I like it, frick all that dancing around. Get up there and throw the ball, the game is boring enough without a bunch of showboating.
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YMCA15 months
Who gets the job of stopping/starting that thing each pitch? No slacking in that position.
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bengalman15 months
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goodgrin15 months
The clock will give advantage to the baserunners.
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Skinny15 months
Nomar Garciaparra is screaming at the TV watching this.
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Tiger98515 months
I get the idea and the reasons behind it but this seems too fast.
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Move it off to the side so the TV audience doesn't have to see it.
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LSUtiger8915 months
no because you need something to bitch about
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auzach9115 months
So if the catcher holds on to it they can get a little more time if they need?
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Tigercowboy15 months
Hate it
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MadDogs15 months
Dumb idea.
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JackieTreehorn15 months
Reckon this will keep the game under 5 hours.
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