According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, each time the Nationals' Bryce Harper went to bat against Atlanta on Saturday, he showed some disrespect by scuffing up the Braves' logo. Check it out...

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When asked about it, he said...

"That’s the last thing on my mind when I’m coming to the plate. I have no idea,”
Yea right.
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Beltway Bengal118 months
Of course, nobody in Atlanta cares that one of their starting pitchers did that to the Nats' "Curly W" logo behind the pitching mound a month ago. Now the outrage from the fans who showered the field in garbage in a playoff game.
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DoubleDown118 months
... and yet the Braves took 2/3. That's all that matters.
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LSU999118 months
Maybe he was letting out a fart and doing the Stanky Leg.
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kbol34118 months
I'm going to send him a fax message.
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LSUTIGER in TEXAS118 months
Oh lawd!!! The horrahr!!!!
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mark65mc118 months
Atlanta is the most insecure city in the US.
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SECdragonmaster118 months
We need to get the FBI on this case asap. We cant allow things like this to continue without jail time.

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Ringeaux118 months
I would suspect the next time he comes to the plate in Atlanta he will get some high heat to the upper regions of his neck. What a jackass...Very Tubervillesque.
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agswin118 months
Who gives a frick! It's the Braves!

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They Know118 months
It's like the JFK assassination. Can we get anymore angles on this?
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LSULyle00690118 months
Who gives a frick! It's dirt!
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JumpingTheShark118 months
Headlines that end in question marks should be fricking outlawed.
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KevinGates118 months
maybe he felt something on his cleat?
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TH03118 months
so you steal my thread and don't give me credit? sweet
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Hester Carries118 months
Can you imagine if Brian "Protector of the Unwritten Rule Book" McCann was still in Atlanta?
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Signal Soldier118 months
OMG what a jerk, he dragged his foot through dirt!!!
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