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Former DePaul forward Aneesah Morrow was in Baton Rouge over the weekend to visit LSU as a possible transfer destination. Her top three schools are LSU, Southern Cal, and South Carolina.

The Chicago native averaged 25.7 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 2.0 assists per game last season.

Here are some pictures and videos from her visit to LSU:

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mla010014 months
Morrow will find exactly what she is looking for in Baton Rouge! The program is ?? FIRE, right now! Morrow wants, “better opportunities in business, entrepreneurship, style and fashion, the 20-year-old wants her new program to help her further her education and purse her interests on and off the court.” - ESPN
LSU is head and shoulders above both USC and SC; and it’s not even close! Morrow was at the #1 ranked LSU Baseball game on Friday night, escorted by #2 women’s NIL money earner (Angel Reese) and #4 (Flau’jae Johnson) being treated like Rock Stars. While there, the WBB staff member in charge of NIL Deals for LSU (Jennifer Robert’s) also introduced her to Livvy Dunne (the #1 Women’s NIL earner and LSU gymnast of the LSU’s Final Four Squad at $3.5 million/yr) to educate her in options at LSU. For example, Angel Reese was at the LSU’s Spring game (LSU SEC West Division Champs) with NFL Superstar Joe Burrow to promote the game. The line to sign autographs was, surprisingly, twice as long for Reese! These girls are Rock Stars on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram! There’s videos of them at dinner with patrons applauding as they walked by! Morrow was shown how her exposure and earnings could rocket her to heights she could never attain at those other two schools. It’s a whole different world of opportunities here at LSU. Do you really think that a 20 something from a middle-class upbringing will be thinking about X’s and O’s after this whirlwind eye-opening experience? Go back and look at what she said she was looking for… she was just shown everything she needs to see by Kim Mulky and her staff. It’s why, last years #1 Transfer Portal player came, it’s why this year’s #1/#2 Transfer Portal player (HVL) just signed, it’s why Mulky is also bringing in the #1 Recruiting Class… because LSU is the hottest game in WBB, right now! Did I mention that they are currently listed (before Morrow) as the preseason Favorite to win the Natty in 2023-24? Yeah, she done… ?
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Nix to Twillie14 months
Jesus, dude. Nobody’s gonna read all that. B
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bluebuck114 months

LSU Women's Basketball
Creme De Le Creme

Come join us Goddess Aneesah Morrow!
We're Champions! Rejoicing!
We'll compete everyday and tomorrow!

Pundits claimed our schedule was weak.
But, steadfastly, we focused, to reach our peak.

Two setback and thirty-four wins ain't bad.
Staley's Gamecock's we met, a deficit we had.
We learned a lot and we got competitive mad!

A courageous Tennessee out played us, SEC tournament.
Our confidence got checked and reinforcement!

A stout Hawaii and a strong Michigan we downed at home.
High politicians didn't pick us for the throne.
Gumbo we ate. Taking game by game and not even thinking about, the Big Dallas Dome.

The great Utes we battled in Carolina, they fell.
The pesky Hurricanes we fought off, then sipped, as well.
We danced to the wins, cause we're also Bourbon Street Belles!

At the Big Dallas show down, we had it out with the tough Hokies!
A victory there had us high, as the Smokies.
Crawfish we ate, readying to light them stogies!

Now, we hoped we'd be get even against the formidable Carolina Roosters.
But, the prayers got answered for the Hawkeye Boosters.

We fought for a crown against Coach Bluder's team and Clark.
We'd prayed and readied for that arduous bird and the former "You can't see me!" sharp.

We turned loose Queen Mulkey, Flau'jae, Bayou Barbie Reese and all the Beautiful Basketball Pinup Gems.
We took home the Women NCAA Basketball 2023 Championship running the court and shootin' from all over the gym.

We're waiting on Goddess Aneesah to join all of them!
Not a Trojan, Rooster, Huskie or Terrapin!
You're beautiful like our LSU Women's Basketball Players and coaches, the Creme De La Creme!

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Mahootney14 months
Just like having Gehrig hit after ruth. Or tanks after crews.
If you try to take away Reese or hvl, morrow is gonna kill you.
Alone, they can be targeted... together, they are unstoppable.
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Geaux Guy15 months
This would not even be fair.
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CrystalPreserves14 months
It’s already not even fair. Adding Morrow would just make them the potential All Time Great team.
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BayouTiga15 months
When she arrives on LSU's campus, the 'DREAM TEAM' will have been created - Mulkey Mulkey Mulkey!!!
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Fisherchefjeff15 months
USCe bound
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LSU82Cajun15 months
Choice- racist coach
Or players coach
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BayouBengal9915 months
Not to mention the girls who are coming back next year for their new role on this new team. Like Johnson, Like Last-Tier Poa, Pool, and Smith. These girl coming back will play vital roles as well as the freshman class. This will be an even better team to watch next year. The mens basketball team needs to take notice. LSU can do this for you at any level and any sport. You just have to build it and they will come!
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Champagne15 months
She'll be at LSU, right? I mean, why go through all of this to go somewhere else?
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cajunmud15 months
Powerful lookin legs. She'll be owning that spot.
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Lucky Loper15 months
If we get this girl, we basically have a WNBA team. 25 points-12 rebounds? Geeesshhh.
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Geaux Guy15 months
You are correct. They would be a young WNBA team. Said it above but it’s almost not fair. Kind of nice after UCONN had its long run.
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GeauxLSUGeaux14 months
They broke up Standard Oil for being less monopolistic.
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CaliTigerHB15 months
Next years team with the recruiting class, the addition of HVL and the return of Angel will already be one of the best. If they add this girl, it will be an all time team(like LSU 2019) and will win the championship no doubt
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Vacherie Saint15 months
looks like she had a blast!
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alumni9515 months
Pictures from “his” visit? SMH… do better.
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chrisharrisbaby14 months
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