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kajunman23 months
Actually, I didn't watch the BK video. So, wrong !
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Sevensblue23 months
I really don’t believe this is a rebuild. Many talented players on this roster but oline needs help and QB some other things...
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Gulf Coast Tiger23 months
It’s going to take a while to rebuild this roster
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SOL223 months
This team is in rebuilding mode. I hope BK can fix a few things, but this season will be a struggle.
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TaderSalad23 months
CBK sold us a bad expectation. Hope he earns his keep
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TheCHISportsFan23 months
I bought the BS on 2 things:
- Kelly was a great disciplinarian coach who would create an atmosphere like Saban, and
- Jayden was more accurate, experienced and not given weapons at ASU to show how good he is.

Neither seems true after last night.

- Jayden SMILES at blocked kick to end game? WTF?
- Jayden can't move offense unless he's narrowed to an immediate timing route (like what began to happen in the 3rdQ.
- This team had no energy. "Being professional" treating highs and lows equally = no passion. (so far).
- Special teams coach seems to have failed at every point. Should have known when he said, "You LSU fans are spoiled the past few years expecting every point after" as if that SHOULDN'T be the norm.
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cajunmud23 months
Look...LSU fans, the 2019 team spoiled us. We can all die happen now after that year. But to play like that, like Bama and Georgia is not gonna happen overnight, like we were hoping for...but we'll get there. Don't doubt us.

Coach, get some Visine. GEAUX TIGAHS!
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bluebuck123 months
Once we overcome our emotions of this nail biting loss, we’ll consider the silver lining of the game. Our defense shut FSU down, on their last drive. Subsequently, we overcame our jitters and Daniels, confidently, and efficiently, led LSU to score on a 97 yard drive with 1:21 time remaining.
On that drive, they played with the greatest sense of urgency I have ever seen in a football game. No passes were dropped. Every throw was accurate. This was Burrow, Brees or Brady like, during that one drive. Our special team came up short and we now know what we need to work on to get better. BK will make certain the team will get better.
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cas4t23 months
99* yard drive
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tigerbutt23 months
Can’t wait for crawfish season.
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NPComb23 months
Last night we completely sucked arse in every phase of the game. Coach Kelly needs to rally this team.
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Vernonbrew2223 months
Defensive line was not as good as they looked all preseason. With a celebration injury, a targeting foul and no penetration - FSU seemed to dictate the pace and expose our average play. Will get better but need to do so quickly
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Barbellthor23 months
First half they did. The the run D tightened up second half, but without two top D linemen, even though we did get some pressures, that QB of theirs was Daniels level mobile.
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Sissidog0223 months
Two NFL draft picks out, first series, Fla St QB was running for his life, but responded well under Pressure, hope Masson is alright but don’t look good, once he went out depth which is good had to play whole game
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Load Toad23 months
New coaching staff with too many new players. They have 2 weeks clean up the mistakes before SEC play.
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CnAzInCA23 months
Offensive line has been problematic for the third consecutive season, as has third down defense, but now special teams are a liability.
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Koolazzkat23 months
I agree and will add the qb is a glorified rb at best.
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kajunman23 months
Meh, I don't wanna watch. Same garbage we saw last season with O. Only with the special teams being worse.
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rockynoggin23 months
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LSUJuicer23 months
But you will still watch. And we will know cause you will have more comments this season.
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