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ESPN's Todd McShay is back after taking some time off and recently updated his Top 5 NFL Draft picks, which includes LSU cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. at No. 2.

Stingley, a junior from Baton Rouge, suffered a season-ending injury leading up to the Mississippi State game and had a procedure done on his foot on Oct. 5.

McShay's Top 5 NFL Draft picks:

1. Oregon DE Kayvon Thibodeaux
2. LSU CB Derek Stingley Jr.
3. Alabama OL Evan Neal
4. Notre Dame S Kyle Hamilton
5. Michigan DE Aidan Hutchison

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JR28 months
If Sting ain't picked high enough, will daddy take him to Canada?
user avatar
dandan28 months
Hope he is a star. Unfortunate the way it ended at LSU but O sunk the boat
user avatar
nol1wph28 months
He’s definitely top 5. He’ll geaux to the combine and test off the charts. That’s what gets these guys drafted in the first round now. He has enough tape to support his athleticism.
user avatar
eugene1928LSU28 months
If no tacking donte jackson can be a high draft pick, DS will be a NFL superstar. Best of luck to him, just wish we could have seen him more on the field playing at LSU.
user avatar
Rickdaddy418828 months
You do realize DJ was one of our best tackling dbs in recent history right? 45 tackles his last year. But don't let facts get in the way of your opinion.
user avatar
rented mule28 months
If you look at the teams who are projected to have picks in the top 5, it is highly likely that Stingley goes in the top 5. Most of them have needs at CB.
user avatar
RightWingTiger28 months
There aren’t very many NFL teams that wouldnt jump at the chance to get a bonafide shutdown CB on a Rookie Contract
user avatar
NorthLa_tigerfan28 months
I dont see DS going that high. He is injury prone and/or not a team player. Either way, hes not a top 5 caliber pick in my opinion.
user avatar
Strannix28 months
He also regressed
user avatar
arcalades28 months
you arent smart if you think any of that
user avatar
GeauxGutsy28 months
This will be unpopular here, and I wish the young man nothing but success, but I couldn’t disagree more. Congrats to his PR Dept!
user avatar
3PieceSpicy28 months
Lazy analysis by a guy who can’t even stay sober enough to be on air a few hours a week these days.
user avatar
Sterling Archer28 months
"DeREK StiNGLeY wOn'T SniFF tHE ToP 5 OF thE nFl DraFT"
user avatar
BowDownToLSU28 months
Do yA wAnT tO bEt SoMe MoNeY?
user avatar
Vacherie Saint28 months
I hate it that DS will go that high based on essentially one season. In the age of opt outs, it just gives kids an excuse to end their careers early and wait for the draft. Bad for college football.
user avatar
LSUtwolves28 months
Maybe that means not compensating college athletes properly is bad for college football. If you’re set to make millions in the nfl, why risk injury in college? So that your coach and school can make millions?
user avatar
GoldenAge28 months
I’d take the free safety from penn state over notre dame’s
user avatar
northgate528 months
user avatar
LSU has a long history of DBs busting in the NFL, right?
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