Here are pictures and videos of Tiger Stadium lit up in purple.

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Mickey Donovan116 months
Somebody doesn't understand the difference between having a permanent blue playing turf versus a stadium that can be purple via lighting.
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dawgfan24348116 months
Awesome which UGA would light up Sanford with red
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Tactical1116 months
Funny how Boise State's blue field looks terrible, yet this is so cool.

Give me a break.
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Korin116 months
That's a lot of purple drank.
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BayouBengal99116 months
bad arse they should figure out a way to do it for a night game though has to be a way to do it. Get some lights that don't need to warm and come on instantly until the regular lights come on then turn those off? There's a way to do it without being too expensive but if not then still cool. if so DO IT.
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iluvdatiger116 months
very cool
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VanCleef116 months
Cool vid. can't wait until it's Saturday night in Death Valley again.
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Displaced116 months
Also, it is never dark at kickoff. this effect will not work when the sun is out.
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Hester Carries116 months
Guys, they didnt change the lights to purple. They turned off all the lights and blasted a big purple screen on the jumbo. So no they could not do this during games, as it would take forever to turn the lights back on
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ewilliams000116 months
They could change the lights to purple just as the tigers are coming out of the tunnel would really be cool.
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SECdragonmaster116 months
That is awesome.

And its not even wearing a thong bikini.
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FT116 months
In time
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HotWheelz77116 months
It will never be ready.
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St Augustine116 months
Really cool. Have they ever done this before?
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