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NFL analyst Scott Pioli, who served as GM for the Cheifs and the Falcons was on “Good Morning Football” this week and talked about the "physical toll" Joe Burrow with the Bengals is concerning to him. Per 247 Sports:

"His mental and emotional endurance is really strong and it’s really high. He has a unique ability to stay confident," Pioli said this week. He’s got this wonderful balance of being extremely confident without being a jerk. I think the losses will affect him, but to me his emotional and mental endurance are in a good place. He will learn from these losses. I hate saying that people learn from losses but he will somehow get something from those losses.

"The bigger question is what will be the physical toll on his body during these losses? To me, that’s the greater concern. He will be fine emotionally. They just need to find ways to protect him. That offensive line isn’t playing very well. They don’t have a strong running game to help him. I worry more about Joe Burrow’s physical health than his mental health."
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Hangit45 months
Is Joe gonna have to identify the worst O-lineman, then shank him? 'Cause that's how a brother gets shanked, yo.
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Kyrie Eleison45 months
user avatar
Jedi45 months
Great googily moogily
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Shiftyplus145 months
Hope he doesnt turn into Andrew Luck 2.0. They HAVE to get him help up front.
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Chalkywhite8445 months
Sad thing is by the time Andrew luck was done, he had one of the best o-lines in football
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xGeauxLSUx45 months
"That offensive line isn’t playing very well." No, that OLine S U C K S!!!!!!
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Steve Janowski45 months
Goes to show that OL didnt win that trophy last year because of Joe, as people assumed! They were pretty dang good!
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Boring45 months
He's gonna get Carson Palmer'd isn't he?
user avatar
Genestealer5545 months
Many promising QB’s careers were ended by horrible o lines
user avatar
GumboDave45 months
Many played for the Bengals.
user avatar
Buckeye Jeaux45 months
The duds on the o-line will be identified and replaced - All part of a rebuild around JB.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal45 months
You better hope so, because it's BS how he has to run for his life all game.
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy45 months
David Carr got his arse kicked every game his rookie year and it definitely took a toll on him.
user avatar
GoldenAge45 months
Yeah Scott, we know, his offensive line is playing like shite and it’s getting him killed
user avatar
GoldenGuy45 months
What offensive line?
user avatar
Nix to Twillie45 months
He’ll hold up.
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